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Travel News: What is the Most Costly Country to Visit?

From Wimbledon to tractor Wi-Fi, we serve up this week's global happenings


Top 10 Cheapest Festivals in Europe

Not going to Glastonbury? Take a look at the cheapest European festival alternatives (with sunshine guaranteed)

June 25, 2013 Top 10s

A Quick Guide to the Festival of Saint Joan, Barcelona

Last night saw the start of the frenetic, fire-filled festival of Saint Joan. Want to know more?

June 24, 2013 Quick Guides

Travel News: Which Airline Has Supersized Seats?

High rises in the UAE, in-flight couches on airlines and Summer solstice: here’s our round of the week’s top travel news

June 21, 2013 Travel News
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Ask the Team: What’s In Your Desert Island Suitcase?

What would the HDC team pack in their desert island suitcase? Let's find out


Top 10 Travel Blogs for Holiday Inspiration

Stuck for holiday ideas? We round up 10 of the best travel blogs on the big wide internet.

June 17, 2013 Top 10s

Travel News: What Annoys Brits Abroad?

Nudity, skirt-wearing train drivers and crime fighting Cliff: here's a round up this week's travel news from around the world.

June 13, 2013 Travel News

Travel Wardrobe Challenge: Five Uses for…a Bumbag

Each month, the HDC team pick one item from our travel bag and show you five alternative uses for it


The Big Debate: UK Festivals Vs Going Abroad

More and more of us seem to be shunning UK festivals and heading abroad, but is it worth the effort? Let's discuss

June 10, 2013 The Big Debate

Travel News: How Do You Get Upgraded to First Class?

Find out who's most likely to get a lucky upgrade at the check in desk and the rest of this week's travel news

June 07, 2013 Travel News
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