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10 Weird and Wonderful Travel World Records

From the tallest sandcastles to the biggest beach balls, here are some of the most unusual travel world records we could find

July 08, 2013 Top 10s, Travel News

Travel News: Where Can you Get Fined for Wearing a Bikini?

Canada’s winning in the reputation stakes, Italy’s been struggling to improve its image, and Londoners have been feasting on burgers

Wimbledon 0

Travel News: What is the Most Costly Country to Visit?

From Wimbledon to tractor Wi-Fi, we serve up this week's global happenings


Travel News: Which Airline Has Supersized Seats?

High rises in the UAE, in-flight couches on airlines and Summer solstice: here’s our round of the week’s top travel news

June 21, 2013 Travel News

Travel News: What Annoys Brits Abroad?

Nudity, skirt-wearing train drivers and crime fighting Cliff: here's a round up this week's travel news from around the world.

June 13, 2013 Travel News

Travel News: How Do You Get Upgraded to First Class?

Find out who's most likely to get a lucky upgrade at the check in desk and the rest of this week's travel news

June 07, 2013 Travel News
everest by viajar24hcom 0

Travel News: Climbing Everest? Join the Queue.

From queuing for Mount Everest to North Korea’s plan to be a top ski destination, here’s our round up of this week’s travel news

May 30, 2013 Travel News

Travel News: How Do You Get 50,000 Likes on Facebook?

Before you hop off on your Bank Holiday weekend, grab a quick cuppa and catch up with news from around the world

May 24, 2013 Travel News
Laptop abroad 0

10 Must-Follow Travel Twitter Accounts

Going abroad? Looking for deals? In need of a laugh? Follow these brilliant travel related Twitter accounts and stay ahead of the game.

May 22, 2013 Travel News

Travel News: Why Did the Singer Get Chucked Off the Plane?

Sleep pods, Whitney on a plane and football fans in the canal. Here's a round-up of what happened this week

May 16, 2013 Travel News
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