Tunisia has historically been one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. With travel companies resuming holidays there next year, here are all the qualities that make Tunisia the ideal destination for your next beach holiday.


Tunisia’s climate is characterised by warm weather all year round. The Northern region benefits from the warmth of the Saharan desert in the south, while avoiding the dry humidity that comes with it. Spring is the ideal time to visit, with the vegetation beginning to bloom and the temperature at its most comfortable. Autumn is also pleasant, with the very warm and dry summer days easing off.



As one of the best destinations for an exotic holiday on a budget, flight prices are cheap with the journey only taking a few hours, and resort prices are much lower than busier countries or more distant destinations like the Caribbean. Don’t let these cheap prices fool you though, the quality of resorts in Tunisia are very high, with most being purpose built and right next to the coast.



Tunisia was once the home of Carthage, the rival civilisation to Ancient Rome 2 millennia ago. The city was eventually destroyed by the Romans, yet the ruins still remain of what was once a powerful empire. Also worth seeing is the city of Tataouine, which was the inspiration for Luke Skywalker’s home planet in the Star Wars series.



With travel only resuming next year, it may feel as though you have all 500 miles of coastline to yourself. The variations found on Tunisia’s shore highlight the diversity of the region, from developed resort beaches to completely natural coastlines.


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picture by: Dennis Jarvis