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Djerba Holidays

Djerba Holiday Deals

Date All Inclusive Half Board Self Cat. Full Board B&B Room Only
Sep 2019 £144 £173 - - £201 £206
Oct 2019 £140 £136 - - £129 £136
Nov 2019 £153 £157 - - £200 £202
Dec 2019 £109 £147 - - £138 £204
Jan 2020 £118 £199 - - £189 £201
Feb 2020 £109 £189 - - £181 £204
Mar 2020 £143 £224 - - £215 £204
Apr 2020 £151 £320 - - £310 £301
May 2020 £131 £212 - - £204 £201
Jun 2020 £239 £230 - - £221 £225
Jul 2020 £301 £291 - - £282 £313
Aug 2020 £506 - - - - -

Djerba Summary

Djerba Holidays

Djerba holidays take you to what is almost an island, connected as it is by a three mile causeway to the south-eastern coast of Tunisia. It's a 'Garden of Eden' kind of place, covered by acre upon acre of palms and plants. Added to this are fabulous beaches of bleached white sands washed by clear blue seas. If you want a reasonably short flight time, with a Robinson Crusoe type shoreline, a cheap Djerba holiday may be just the ticket. Holidays to Djerba can be taken at any time of year as hot summers are followed by warm winters, making them a perfect retreat for those who hate the long dark days at the beginning and end of the year.

Cheap Djerba Holidays.

Cheap Djerba holidays have wide appeal. Families arrive in their droves as the beaches are ideal for those wielding buckets and spades. Couples of all ages enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the high standards of accommodation and service. The all-inclusive option is very popular in Djerba and the food is a great combination of local and international dishes. Fish, as expected on an island, is a prominent feature of menus. Caught daily, it is both delicious and nutritious. The capital Houmt Souq, apart from being a quaint old town, is the place to go for your holiday souvenirs. Remember that haggling is a way of life and join in the fun. For those seeking a more energetic holiday, there is good provision of water sports from the larger hotels.

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If a cheap Djerba holiday appeals and you wish to avoid the lengthy task of trawling through web page after web page trying to find the best deal, try our simple search facility. You'll find over three dozen travel companies competing for your custom. It is simple to use and remember, competition brings out the best bargains. Our search facility enables you to see, at a glance, the Djerba holiday that is the cheapest and the one that offers the best value for money.  All you have to do to secure the holiday is make a phone call. To book the best deal, and to avoid disappointment,  ring today.



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Djerba Holidays

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