We’re a well travelled bunch here at Holiday Discount Centre.

And over the years, we’ve learnt that the best holidays often result in having a good, bad or embarrassing story to tell when you get back (and more often than not, a lesson to be learnt for next time).

So last week we shared part one of our team’s most memorable holiday moments and now we’re back with part two.

Stand by for more “wisdom”…

This Looks Comfy – Ian Raine (Marketing Manager)

My friend and I recently visited the resort of El Arenal in Majorca for a wild holiday. After one of our legendary nights out, we made our way back – a little worse for wear – to the hotel with a couple of female friends (wink wink). We all got back and had a chat on the sunbeds next to the swimming pool. What a good night – I slept until the alarm clock woke me the next morning when, bleary eyed, I surveyed my surroundings. To my horror, I found my alarm clock was actually a family setting up their sunbeds for the day. I’d only spent the night on a sunbed in my clubbing gear and awoken to a full pool area of disgusted families.”

The lesson: A sunlounger is not a substitute for a proper hotel room.

Man overboard

Man Overboard – Vicky Liddle (Marketing Executive)

Let me start by saying that no one was hurt during this production! On a girly shopping trip to the Spanish city of Barcelona, me and my friends found a unique bar on the marina. The bar was on a boat and we looked for a table to enjoy the sun. Noticing us searching in vain for a table in the right spot, a group of guys asked if we’d like to share their table in a prime sunny position. The afternoon was full of friendly banter and one of the guys asked if he could capture the moment on his camera. The girls agreed and he looked for the ideal place to take the shot. In doing so, he backed up a little too far and fell overboard into Barcelona marina – whoops! Needless to say, we promptly finished our drinks and made a sharp exit.

The lesson: Be careful when trying to impress girls near water.

Don't forget your toothbrush

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush – Steve Campion (Managing Director)

“One year, we went to the beautiful Italian seaside resort of Lido De Jesolo. After a long day travelling on the coach to the Venetian Riviera, we arrived at the hotel and checked in, only for my brother to turn to collect his suitcase – which was missing. After a frantic search there was still no sign of the suitcase. Where could it be? Maybe it’s on the transfer coach to the next resort? Yes, you better believe it – he had left it on the coach. A few embarrassing hours later he was reunited with his belongings.”

The lesson: Suitcases are a lot more useful in your hotel room than on the coach.

Safety deposit box

The Importance of Using a Safe – Tammy Wilkson (Sales Consultant)

I recently went to San Antonio in Ibiza for a friend’s hen party. On checking in to the hotel we were asked if we would like a safety deposit box. Most of the party agreed and parted with their euros, but one room declined the offer. We then dumped our suitcases and headed for a day out. After a fantastic day of sun, sand and sangria we returned to our rooms to get ready for the evening ahead, only to find that the room without the safety deposit box had been burgled and all their valuables and money stolen. The police were informed and the next day was spent at the police station arranging money to be sent out for the rest of the trip.

The lesson: Never say no to a safety deposit box – losing your stuff could ruin your trip abroad!

Allocated on arrival

 When Budget Holidays Pay Off – Mark Graham (Marketing Executive)

I arranged a cheap £99 holiday for my parents to the Greek Island of Corfu. Not expecting much, and with no idea what the accommodation would be, they travelled on their budget holiday only to be allocated on arrival to the 5* Kontokali Bay Resort and Spa Hotel – what a result!

The lesson: Allocated on arrival isn’t always a bad thing.


Not Quite Spiderman Ian Raine (Marketing Manager)

Don’t try this at home, or on holiday! After another wild night, this time in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria on my first holiday abroad, I left the local bar at 6am to make my way back to the hotel and bed. I arrived at the hotel and found security guards on the door, and worried they would not let me into my room. In my wisdom, rather than going through the front door of the hotel in which I had paid to stay, I climbed up 3 sets of balconies to my third floor room. On arrival at my balcony I couldn’t wake my friend and this time slept on an airbed. My friend woke the next morning to find me on the balcony, confused as to how I’d got there when he’d left me in the bar and locked the room door. Luckily, all was soon explained.

The lesson: If your friends have climbing tendencies, give them a ground floor room.

Have you got a memorable moment to share? Let us know in the comments!


Main image: john_worsley_uk via Flickr