You can buy as many books, maps and magazines as you like to research a holiday destination, but nothing quite beats getting advice from people who have actually been there.

Although many of us will rely on friends, family members and colleagues for travel tips, if they’re stuck for suggestions, browsing blogs online can be a great source of information and inspiration.

So if you’re new to the world of blogging, we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite travel blogs to help you make the most out of your next holiday.

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C’est Christine

This 25-year-old American blogger writes about all her travel escapades from Europe to the Middle East. From how to pack stylishly (yet lightly) for a city break in Paris to tips for travelling on the cheap, it’s no surprise she’s managed to rack up more than 5,500 followers on Twitter.

Urban Travel Blog

For some of the most honest and detailed city guides, this collective travel blog covers every angle of urban culture. From cheap eats in Amsterdam to saving on transportation in Berlin, this site is the bible to local living on a budget.

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Trav Monkey

Covering advice on everything from what gadgets to pack to money saving tips for travel, this blog has it all. It also features a handy break down of city guides in their ‘Things to Do…’ section, which is not only a useful read before you go, but it’s also ideal for helping you pick a place to go to meet your interests. is your ultimate guide to city breaks and beach destinations all over the globe. From the best spots to go shopping and where to let loose at night time to local events and not to mention a weather forecast, it’s hard to find information that the site doesn’t have on offer.


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Browsing Rome

When in Rome, do as Diana does. Not only is this blog dedicated to describing everything about Roman life, but it also covers Italian culture too. From places to eat to the best Italian phrases to swat up before you go, there are also posts about ideal day trips to go on from the capital itself – and without having to shell out loads of cash.

Jemma Eat World

If it’s good value grub you’re after, look no further than Jemma’s favourite foodie finds for travellers on a budget who don’t want to scrimp on taste. From restaurant reviews to traditional recipes with a modern twist, be sure to follow her quest to find the best ‘diamond in the rough’ eateries around Europe.

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The Londoneer

If you’re going to be in London, the Londoneer is a great guide to everything including the typical tourist landmarks, local events and travel tips that help you stretch your pounds as far as possible. However, what really sets the site out from the others is the extensive list of arts and culture in the capital – from comedy right through to the ballet.

Heather on her Travels

For a personal travel account, Heather’s blog is a good shout as her relatable posts, images and videos easily allow you to follow her experiences abroad while sticking to a strict budget.

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Budget Traveller

Not only is Kash a seasoned traveller, but doing it on the cheap is his specialty. While his blog features budget tips and destinations throughout Europe well worth trying out, one of the best parts of his site is hands down the holiday inspiration section. This page includes a range of photos from local dishes to snaps of the surrounding scenery. If that doesn’t give you itchy feet, we’re not sure what will.

World Travel List

This UK-based blog is a great way to quickly read up about a specific destination. With its purposeful, user-friendly drop-down menu, you can readily scan every article about a particular place in just a couple of clicks. This aspect of the site is not only efficient, but helps you gauge what’s going on and when in each different destination. It’s great for helping you tailor your trip to your budget.


What travel blogs do you read?

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