From techy tractors at Glastonbury to a toilet paper shortage on a transatlantic flight, here’s our round up of this week’s travel news.

Glaston-berry Gets Smart

While Glastonbury kicked off this week, the organisers of Britain’s largest music festival have had to ensure that they’re able to keep up with the digital demands of their gadget happy partygoers. How are they doing this? By installing a 4G Wi-Fi hotspot into a tractor – which is being driven around the grounds to ensure optimal signal. The handy hub provides high-speed wireless internet to any handheld device within 10 metres of the vehicle.

Glastonbury Wi-Fi

Image: MojoBaron via Flickr

Doesn’t Cost-lo in Oslo

While you might have thought the most expensive city in the world would be one of the ultra-glam destinations in the UAE or the south of France, according to a recent Trip Advisor survey, Oslo will cost you the most cash to visit. The Norwegian capital ranked just ahead of Zurich, Stockholm and New York City.


Image: roger4336 via Flickr

Living for the Weekend

We’ve all wished the weekend could last a day longer, but this oil-rich country actually changed it officially. Beginning 28 June, Saudi Arabia has switched its weekend from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday. But the shift is for business not pleasure – with the aim to be on the same schedule as the other major Arab cities.


Image: Bakar_88 via Flickr

Low on Loo Roll

Passengers on a 10-hour flight from San Francisco to London were given napkins from United Airlines to use as toilet paper, as the crew forgot to restock before take off. This gives a whole new meaning to the airline’s slogan ‘fly by the tips of your fingers’!

toilet paper

Image: Calgary Reviews via Flickr

Tubby Tummy Troubles

Despite what you might think, men might be just as anxious as women about stripping down to their cossies on the beach. A recent study shows that a man’s biggest holiday qualm is in fact baring his beer belly. This ranked above missing out on sports events and saving enough money for the trip.

beer belly

Image: Go2Ted via Flickr

What’s going on this weekend?

Wimbledon – 24 June-7 July

While it’s been quite a shocking week on the grassy court this week – with Nadal, Federer and Sharapova all being knocked out by much lesser known players, luckily for Britain, we’ve still got last year’s runner up and Olympic champion Andy Murray to cheer on.


Image: Owlhere via Flickr

KERB Saturdays – 28 June

If you’d rather tuck into some tasty grub than watch the tennis, one of the city’s most popular food markets is launching its first Saturday market at King’s Cross this weekend. The street food event will be held from 11-3pm, and will feature a range of cuisines and cocktails from Cajun to Korean.


Image: miss.libertine via Flickr

And finally, a new poll that came out this week found that us Brits are surprisingly frugal – and spend an average of £554.40 a year on a holiday.

Does this statistic reflect your budget? Let us know in the comment box below.