Each month, the HDC team pick one item from our travel wardrobe and show you five alternative uses for it.

Here in the UK, bumbags (or “fanny packs” if you’re American) have unfortunately  fallen out of day to day use. Not so in the rest of the world, where tourists and locals alike are still using them as if handbags never happened.

For years they were a holiday staple, and as such we don’t think these 90s relics should be consigned to the loft just yet – not when they clearly have so many uses. Here are just some of them…

1. Pencil Case

We’ve all been there: you’re wandering about town and think,  “God, I could really do with a full set of colouring pencils right now.” Well, with a portable bumbag pencil case, say goodbye to getting caught without your essential stationary selection.

Pencil Case

2. Mobile Snack Store

Ever get hungry while you’re on the move? You’ll never be without a chocolate fix again with this handy snack selection attached to your waist. Plus, not only will you look really stylish, but it’s also a great way to bribe your way in to exclusive clubs.

Snack Holder

3. Earmuffs

Sometimes we all need a bit of time out from the world around us. Simply attach your bumbag around your head using the adjustable straps, and get some much needed peace and quiet while keeping your ears toasty warm at the same time.

Ear Muffs

4. Sleep Mask

Bad night’s sleep? With a bumbag, it’s never been easier to catch 40 winks – empty it out and place over the eyes for a functional way to block out the light.


5. Strip-Lighting Glare Deflector

Office lights can be a bit bright, can’t they? Ward off any horrible headaches by using your bumbag as a visor. Also works in sunlight.

Prevent Glare

Have you got any travel essentials you’d like to find more uses for? Let us know below and we’ll do the hard work for you…