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Soar Spot for Travel Time

From baggage allowances to in-flight meals, it’s fair to say that Ryanair is known for its stingy ways. Last year, the low cost carrier even reduced the size of its in-flight magazine to save on printing costs. This week, the airline announced its newest cuts (which will add two minutes to every hour of your flight) as pilots have now been briefed to lower their speed to save on fuel costs. How much will this actually save the airline? It’s still up in the air!

plane taking off on a runway


Not only is Switzerland home to some of the world’s best chocolate, cheese and watches, but it also holds the world’s priciest hotel suite. The Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson hotel in Geneva takes up an entire floor, and when you take the private lift up you’ll find facilities from the likes of a gym, Jacuzzi and terrace to a butler, chef and your very own security. Swanky.

Royal Penthouse Suite bathroom

Man vs. Plane

British Airways bring a new meaning to the word runway in their latest campaign to promote their new A380 aircraft which flies from Johannesburg to London. The video features South African rugby ace Bryan Habana as he races the plane down the runway. Who crosses the finish line first? You can see the winner for yourself here.



Ever wish you could avoid the hassle of hefty excess baggage fees? One Delta passenger did just that before boarding a flight from Seattle to New York this week. But not by charming the airline staff into reducing the costs or sneaking on an extra bit of hand luggage – instead the disgruntled passenger opted to give up his luggage completely – abandoning it at the airport instead of paying the $1,400 costs of excess. In this case, we say suit yourself.

Man in airport

Brits Wanderlust for Germany

And finally, it seems like although Spain and France are by far the most popular hotspots to visit amongst UK tourists, Brits are now saying ‘Auf Wiedersehen’ to these hotspots and are instead heading to territory further afield. In the past year, the number of UK holidaymakers travelling to Germany has increased by 10 percent. Why? It’s thought that the kitsch hotel deals (amongst some of Europe’s cheapest) might have spurred on the sudden rise. We blame it on the beer and brats!

Berlin from the air

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