Here at Holiday Discount Centre, we like to help you save time and money. To that end, we think the items you take on holiday can and should be used all year round.

Even the swimming pool inflatables.

So this month, the team set themselves another travel wardrobe challenge: find six alternative uses for a rubber ring.

How did we get on? Umm, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

1. Blow Up Neck Rest

Long car journey? Need a nap on the train to work? Bit tired at work? Say goodbye to sore necks by inflating your rubber ring for an effortless snooze.

1. Neck rest

2. Desk Pillow

If you’re serious about catching up on your sleep, you’ll need something a little more stable. While the boss is out for lunch, allow yourself forty winks using this easily transportable pillow.


3. Decorative Screen Frame

Offices aren’t always the most visually appealing places in the world. So why not jazz up your computer screen with this artful little addition? With its porthole-like aesthetic, you’ll be reminiscing about that cruise holiday in no time.

4. decorative screen frame

4. Arm Exercise Ring

Let’s face it: gym memberships are expensive. Luckily, similar results can be achieved* by doing a quick five minute rubber ring workout at your home or office as demonstrated below.


3. exercise ring

5. Comfy Seat

Whether you’re off to a concert, chilling in the park or just have really uncomfortable seats at home, don’t invest in pricey cushions. The solution is right there in your suitcase.

2.Comfy seat

6. Portable Posing Device

With all the millions of photos being uploaded to social networks every day, it can be difficult to stand out. Make sure your selfies get the attention they deserve by placing your face within a rubber ring, as demonstrated by Ian below.


6. Ian posing

Take a look at our other Travel Wardrobe Challenges and tell us what essential you’d like to see more uses for.

Got a suggestion of your own? Let us know!


Main image by: duncanholley via flickr