Every month, we take one item from our holiday suitcase and try to find five alternative uses for it, mostly because we like to make our money go a little bit further.

With the summer being over (hello, autumn) you might be about to pack your sunhat away until next year. But as our team are about to demonstrate, there are five reasons you should hang on to it a little while longer…

1. Cunning Disguise

Some days you just want to slip into the background and not be noticed. Luckily, a wide brimmed sunhat offers you the chance to just sit in the corner and hide undetected. They’ll never know you’re there. Shhh.

do not disturb 

2. Fruit Bowl

Is your kitchen table missing something? Is your fruit just rolling about without purpose? What you need is a practical yet stylish centre piece – but don’t splash out on expensive (and breakable) ceramics, simply turn that sunhat upside down. Bingo!

fruit bowl

3. Desk Tidy

Desks can be unruly places, covered with scrap paper and pen lids. But if you’re on an office budget, then your sun hat can double as a thrifty storage device. Clear desk, clear mind. Ahhh.

desk tidy

4. Secret Snack Supply

While some people would have you believe that sharing is caring, we know that can be a difficult concept when it comes to chocolate. With a sun hat at your disposal, you’ll never have to share your KitKat ever again.

secret snax 

5. Emergency Illness Bowl

Need we say any more?

sick bag

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Image credit: Z-Carlos via Flickr