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From an unlikely passenger on an economy flight to a pair of road kill-eating joggers, we’ve flagged some of this week’s quirkiest stories from the world of travel.

Hit the Road-Kill

While some people fill their trolley with meat from the supermarket, one British couple decided to pick up their own on their 6,400-mile trek through South America. The athletic pair, who began their journey at the southern tip of Chile 15 months ago, ran the equivalent of a marathon almost every day while picking up dead animals to stew along the way. After amassing a load of fresh road kill in their trolley, the unusual feat even drew praise from the likes of Prince William who hoped the couple didn’t have ‘too many blisters’ from their adventure. Not sure their deadly diet would be fit for a prince though!

Amazon River by marek.krzystkiewicz via Flickr

Pippa Middle-Class

Continuing with the royal theme, passengers in the queue for a budget flight from Inverness to London this week got a shock when they were joined by none other than Pippa Middleton. The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge was with her boyfriend, Nico Jackson, after a holiday in the Highlands, and had no problem slumming it on an economy flight – perhaps she was saving a few quid for Prince George’s christening present…

Airport Queue by Gurms via Flickr

Brits and the City

Jet-setting Brits took a total of 36 million holidays in the past 12 months, but more people are taking city breaks than ever before. The number of travellers visiting beach resorts has dropped, with 41% of people saying they’ve taken a city break in the past 12 months. Paris, Barcelona and Dublin were the most popular destinations, while almost half of 24-34 year olds said they’d enjoyed a bit of city sightseeing within the last year.

Eiffel Tower by Roubicek via Flickr

Sin City Sees New Heights

It seems the high of winning big at a casino is not quite enough for some people in Las Vegas, as now they’ll be able to get even higher – literally. The VooDoo Zip Line hangs almost 500 feet above the city, allowing adrenaline junkies to travel between the Masquerade Tower at the VooDoo Steakhouse and the 20th floor of the Impanema Tower at speeds of up to 33mph.

Las Vegas Skyline by Larrylobster via Flickr

Holiday Phone-a-phobia

What device do you use to book your holiday? While more and more people use mobile devices on a regular basis, a recent study by ABTA has found that only 11% of people actually use one to book a holiday. The king of online holiday bookings is without doubt the laptop or desktop computer – with 96% of people using one to book their holiday abroad.

Booking Holiday on Laptop by Fearless Fred via Flickr

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Images: GurmsLarrylobster Fearless FredRoubicekmarek.krzystkiewicz,  DAV.es via Flickr