Today might be Black Friday in America, but here at HDC we’ve got bargains happening every day of the week.

Find out the latest cheap holidays and read our round up of what’s been going on across the world in the last seven days.

United Rates of America

Latest figures reveal that London shoppers can snap up Christmas gifts for up to half the price in New York and Boston. The recent survey compared the prices of 100 items in the three cities and found the top savings to be on designer jeans and Ralph Lauren gilets. For a cheap flight across the pond, have a look at our deals.

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Gadgets on Holiday? Guilty as Charged

According to a recent survey, about 90% of us take our mobiles with us on holiday – with the average traveller spending roughly four hours each day on a number of handheld devices during their trip away. Whatever happened to just sending a postcard?

thailand via flickr by dave_b_

Braggie Abroad

According to recent reports of British holidaygoers, 5.4 million of us upload pictures within the first ten minutes of landing in a given destination – with the average time to share a holiday snap being within three hours of arrival. This new trend of photos has not only been dubbed the ‘braggie’ – but has been predicted to be 2014’s answer to the ‘selfie’. The most popular pics to be shared? Views from the hotel window, hotel beds and views of the area surrounding the resort.

tourist via flickr by moomettes

Holiday Deals

How long do you wait before posting about your holiday?

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