As the festive TV adverts start beaming their way into your living room, the idea of spending Christmas Day lying on a beach could start to seem quite appealing.

Think about it: instead of slaving over a hot turkey, having small talk with the in-laws and eating through a mountain of Brussels sprouts, you could be enjoying a bit of winter sun and letting someone else do the cooking.

So if you’re considering taking a proper holiday over the festive period, we say go for it. It might cost less than you think.

Airport Christmas Tree by Daquella Manera via Flickr


Compare prices before booking: demand is usually at its highest the weekend before Christmas, so you’ll certainly save money if you fly before then. This year, prices seem to shoot up after December 17th, so plan accordingly if you’re booking flights separately. If you don’t mind when you fly, taking to the skies on Christmas Day (or even New Year’s Day) can also offer huge savings.

Christmas by the Pool by Sistak via Flickr


As most people will be spending Christmas at home with the family, hotels abroad are desperate to fill as many rooms as possible. This can often mean cheaper prices. If you’re looking to swap your scarf and gloves for a bikini and a sunhat, some of the most popular winter sun destinations at the moment include Sharm el Sheikh, Bangkok and the Canary Islands.

Mince pies by Peter Roberts via Flickr

Food & Drink

Although you’ll always be able to find deals on food and drink in the supermarkets, doing a big Christmas shop and feeding the whole family can be a pricey affair. All the more reason to opt for an all inclusive holiday, when all your food and drink will be taken care of and all you have to do is sit back, relax, and top up the tan.

So, will you be going abroad this Christmas?


Images: JurvetsonPeter RobertsDaquella Manera, Sistak