Have you got a GoPro?

Is that man really wearing a fluorescent one piece?

Are you hiring or buying a helmet?

These are just some of the questions flying around on the chair lifts of Europe this season (along with “is it time for a vin chaud yet?”).

If you’re currently wondering what it all means, don’t worry. We’re about to explain these 2014 ski trends and ensure you stay ahead of the snow pack when you’re on holiday this winter.

Oh, and don’t forget to let us know what kit you’re getting this season in the comments.

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Following Michael Schumacher’s ski accident last month, it’s no surprise that UK winter sports retailers have seen a massive demand for helmets, with some shops reporting a 400% hike in sales.

It’s the law in resorts across Austria and Italy for children under 15 (14 in Italy) to wear a helmet while skiing, but in other resorts it’s down to the individual – and nowadays it seems the majority of skiers and boarders are indeed opting for the extra protection.

Whether it’s sturdy, custom fit cushioning you go for or a lightweight model, be sure that it has a snug fit and a certification code. The European standard code (CE EN 1077) and the American one (ASTM F2040) ensures the helmet’s safety and can be found stamped on the inside.

Not sure what else to look for? This is one good guide we found.

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Bright Style

In terms of ski wear trends this season, it’s ‘90s colour all the way.

Skiers are back to sporting bold prints and neon apparel in the snow. While camouflage is proving popular among kids and menswear, women are opting for Aztec and tribal patterns along with electric florals. These bright prints not only look cool, but they help you stand out on the slopes too – no more getting lost in a white-out.

If you’re on a budget for your ski gear, TK Maxx have a wallet friendly range, or have a look on Ebay for a bargain.



If the all-in-one beauties we saw in university week at Les Deux Alps before Christmas are anything to go by, the onesie craze is no longer confined to the chalet – they’re taking over the slopes, too.

Online shops like Retro Rentals now rent out “retro 80’s ski wear” for the brave and / or drunk, and they’re even in ski resorts across the Alps if you fancy getting in on the act.

Meanwhile, retailer Snow+Rock have come up with their own cosy jumpsuits to flop around the chalet in – but at £119+, that probably makes them the Most Expensive Onesies in the World. Youch. We’ll stick to Primark specials, thanks.

 skiier via flickr by kentgoldman

Avalanche Airbags

More and more off piste skiers are investing in these avalanche backpacks, which are designed to help you rise to the surface in the event of an emergency. Not only are these airbags lightweight, but they’ve apparently got a 75% success rate at getting people out of the snow after an avalanche.

We don’t recommend going off piste at all – especially not without a trained guide – but if you’re heading for the backcountry this year, then you might be able to justify the hefty price tag on this safety device.


Action Cameras

After 113,000 of these mini devices sold last season compared to 12,000 in 2012, it’s fair to say that action cameras like the Go Pro are everywhere this season.

From helmet and goggle cams to those with chest harnesses, these waterproof wonders allow you to film your day on the slopes in brilliant HD quality.  Add a little music and some swift editing, and you’ve got yourself a fairly decent record of your holiday to put on YouTube…

If you’re shopping around for a ski holiday at the moment, take a look at our latest ski deals.

Will you be putting a helmet on this year?

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