Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Whether you’re going out this evening for a slap-up meal, or spending it at home crying along to a rom-com with a tub of ice cream, our travel roundup is the one thing that will always be there for you every Friday.

Here are some of the best travel stories and holiday deals from the past seven days.

Love Is In the Air

With so many dating apps around, it’s no surprise that there will soon be one for people to use inflight. The Wingman app is set to be released this summer and will attempt to connect plane passengers on the plane before they touch down. Whether the app takes off (get it?) remains to be seen, but it certainly brings a new dimension to the Mile High Club.

Sleeping on Plane by Stereogab via Flickr

A Holiday Fit for a Prince

Our future king, Prince George, jetted off (First Class, of course) to the Caribbean island of Mustique last week along with his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, and several members of her family in search of a bit of winter sun. Prince William was not present, although the happy couple will soon be taking little George on a three week tour of Australia and New Zealand in April – meaning he will have travelled over 40,000 miles before he is even ten months old – we hope he’s collecting his air miles!

Baby on beach by Emerille via Flickr

UK City Breaks are “Dublin”

If you’ve planned a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. However, more and more people are choosing to enjoy a city break in the UK rather than abroad. London comes out on top for a Valentine’s Day getaway; however more surprising entries in the top 20 include Birmingham, Liverpool and Glasgow. The biggest rise goes to Dublin, which saw 115% more bookings compared to last year.

London Couple by Eschipul via Flickr

Fun-derground Stations

Ever wondered what happens to disused underground or metro stations? Well quite often, it’s not a lot! However one mayoral candidate in Paris has plans to regenerate the abandoned ‘ghost stations’ and turn them into some of the coolest places in the city. If they’re elected, empty stations could soon be transformed into restaurants, art galleries, theatres, nightclubs and even swimming pools – meaning there could soon be just as much to do underground as there is above it.

Paris Metro Sign by Roman Lashkin via Flickr

The Model Safety Video

Finally, how much attention do you pay to the inflight safety video before your plane takes off? Well one airline in New Zealand has released a controversial video that is sure to grab your attention. Featuring several bikini-clad models, the video has already caused a bit of a stir across the web, but if it reminds someone to put their life jacket on properly, then who are we to complain? Safety first…

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Images: Steve SlaterStereogabEmerilleRoman Lashkin via Flickr