We’ve run down the best travel bloggers, but now it’s time we gave some love to the vloggers.

Armed with a video camera, a passport and their larger than life personalities, these channels will give you tips, tricks, a laugh, and no end of adventures to watch while you sit at your desk and pretend to work.

So here are ten YouTube travel channels guaranteed to liven up your Monday morning – get ready to click subscribe!

Mount Kilimanjaro by Stig Nygaard via Flickr

1. Choose my Adventure


This fun channel features the travel adventures of Grant Schuman and asks viewers to vote on where he should travel to, how he should get there and what he should do when he arrives. Bit risky if you ask us!

2. Captain and Clark


After meeting on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Chris and Tawny (aka Captain and Clark) have been travelling together ever since. They even got engaged at the Taj Mahal! Their YouTube channel is updated regularly and features a range of fun videos documenting what the couple have been getting up to.

3. Pause the Moment


Adventurous couple Ryan and Liz aim to live life to the fullest – and their fantastic YouTube channel certainly reflects this. We particularly love Ryan’s ‘25 facts about me’ post where we learnt that he once cycled from Seattle to the border of Mexico – an impressive 1700 miles!

4. Kristen Sarah


For pretty much anything and everything travel related, Kristen’s YouTube channel is definitely worth subscribing to. Blogging for Hop Scotch the Globe, her videos provide tonnes of information including how to save money when travelling, eat on a budget, and avoid jet lag.

Hawaii Sunset by Anthony Quintano via Flickr

5. TheExpeditioner


Featuring Matt Stabile’s travels from around the world, TheExpeditioner has been on the go since 2008. His YouTube channel features a number of travel guides from Hawaii to Barcelona with loads of tips on things to do and places to see.

6. Sonia’s Travels


Follow Sonia on her travels and find out all the things that have made her trips special. If it’s regular travel tips you’re looking for, this is the channel for you; you’ll find everything from how to pack your toiletries to how to avoid looking like a tourist.

7. Travel with Kate


Kate loves nothing more than having a good natter with the locals whilst on her travels. Her YouTube channel is full of helpful hints such as where to go for a night out, where to find the best food and even how to learn a language.

Sukothai in Thailand by Stefan Magdalinski via Flickr

8. Brendan’s Adventures


The daily antics of Brendan, a travel writer and keen photographer, are an absolute must-watch. His videos aim to provide a range of things that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to see – and we can’t argue with that!

9. As We Travel


An excellent source for anyone needing travel advice, As We Travel’s channel is packed full of useful tips and city guides to help you get the most from your trip. From Berlin’s Christmas markets to a luxury trip to Thailand, this fun channel provides a range of videos to choose from.

10. Hey Nadine


If you fancy a bit of a giggle, this is the channel for you. With at least one new upload every week, Hey Nadine provides a wide selection of travel videos and general ramblings. We particularly love Nadine’s entertaining video on what to do if it rains on holiday.

Got any travel blog or YouTube recommendations? Let us know!

Images: Frank KovalchekStig NygaardStefan MagdalinskiAnthony Quintano via Flickr