From quirky city guides to a loo locator, this week has seen some interesting developments in the world of travel.

Without further ado, here are the latest happenings from the past seven days.

Day Trips Take Off

Have you ever wanted to go to Paris or Berlin for a day? Well, now you can. British Airways has launched a new range of ‘day-tripper’ flights, similar to RyanAir’s concept, which gives tourists a day return ticket to a number of European destinations. Brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘country commuter’.

metro via flickr by ChrisYunker

York’s Whiff List

Remember Smellovision? Well, the York Tourist Board has taken the idea a step further with a scented guidebook of the city. As the name suggests, in order to present a more authentic experience, the ‘Smell York’ guide gives visitors a sniff of the Roman city, with featured smells including cocoa, tea, coal and heather. Makes scents to us!

york cathedral via flickr by Martin Pettitt


After last week’s Mardi Gras festivities in the Cajun capital of New Orleans, two locals started a website to help disoriented tourists locate available loos. The website, Airpnp, shows users a map featuring the nearest public place to relieve themselves (with prices too). Sounds handy, but a bit pee-culiar if you ask us!

new orleans mardi gras via flickr by doctorwho

From Love Birds to Jail Birds

This week, one couple’s honeymoon wasn’t so sweet as a Costa Rica-bound plane was forced to land mid-fight after a pair of newlyweds got into a drunken brawl on the way to their honeymoon. While the bride was allowed to continue her journey, upon the emergency landing in the Cayman Islands, the groom was arrested due to drunk and disorderly conduct. We just wish there was a YouTube video of the ruckus.

wedding cake via flickr by  生活童話

Plane in the Neck

Have you ever sat near a screaming baby on a flight? Well turns out, you’re not alone, as almost half of all parents say they avoid booking a holiday abroad, to ensure that their young children don’t disturb other passengers on the plane. How considerate!

baby via flickr by cdaisym

The Price of Fame

Many of us have a dream celeb that we wouldn’t mind being stranded on a desert island with, but it turns out some of us have a nightmare celeb holiday companion too. Who are they? According to a recent survey, Katie Price took the top spot for least desirable holiday buddy while runners up included Russell Brand and Jeremy Clarkson.

tropical island via flickr by chem7

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Images: lee edwin coursey, ChrisYunker, Martin Pettitt, doctorwho, 生活童話, cdaisym, chem7 via Flickr.