That amazing suntan you got last summer is now a distant memory and your favourite bikini is probably collecting dust at the back of the wardrobe.

If, like us, you’re considering getting a bit of sunshine this Easter, you’ll want to know where’s hot at this time of year.

We’re rounded up some of the hottest places around the world where you can bask in the sunshine while the UK shivers…


Average Easter Temperature: 22˚C

If you want to ease yourself gently into the sunshine, Cyprus is a great option. You’ll certainly feel the sun on you without being too uncomfortable although it’s probably a good idea to take a cardigan to wear in the evening.

Did you know? Cyprus is one of only two countries to feature a map on its flag. The other is Kosovo.

Cyprus Beach by Somiz via Flickr


Average Easter Temperature: 21˚C

Easter is the perfect time for sightseeing in Turkey. Temperatures are definitely hot enough for shorts and t-shirts but you won’t end up covered in sweat every time you step outside. Antalya is the hottest region in the country and they’ll be plenty of opportunities to lounge around on the beach and soak up the rays here. It’s really cheap at the moment, too, so have a look at our latest deals.

Did you know? The Tünel in Istanbul is the second oldest underground railway in the world. It began operation in 1875.

Antalya Hrabour by Burntime via Flickr


Average Easter Temperature: 27˚C

For a truly luxurious break this Easter, why not jet off to the Caribbean island of Barbados? A fantastic option for anyone who wants an instant sunshine fix, April is a great time to visit with little rainfall and warm, pleasant days – it’s not as expensive as you’d think, either.

Did you know? Barbados was once completely covered in thick jungle and was home to a large wild pig population.

Barbados Beach by Alfback2003 via Flickr


Average Easter Temperature: 30˚C

April is one of the quietest times to visit Thailand so there are plenty of cheap deals to be found. It can also be one of the hottest though! Bangkok and other central areas of the country are scorching so it’s advised to head to places such as Ko Chang and Pattaya in the east where temperatures are a bit cooler. There you’ll be able to enjoy mountains, beaches and traditional fishing villages.

Did you know? Kitti’s hog-nosed bat can be found in Thailand. It weighs just two grams and is believed to be the world’s smallest mammal.

Ko Chang by Amsfrank via Flickr

Canary Islands

Average Easter Temperature: 20˚C

From Tenerife to Lanzarote, all of the Canary Islands are blessed with year round sunshine, so April is a great time to get some sun before the summer. The water might still be a bit chilly but you’ll soon warm up on one of the fantastic beaches here – and because April is before the peak holiday season, they won’t be too crowded either.

Did you know? The Canary Islands has two capital cities. Las Palmas in Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

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Images: Ed YourdonSomizBurntimeAlfback2003,  AmsfrankSteve p2008