It may have been a four day working week, but that hasn’t stopped us from searching for the latest travel stories from the past seven days.

Read on for some of the latest happenings that are more exciting than a kitchen full of Easter eggs… (almost).

Bore de France

The people of Yorkshire are traditionally known for their friendly nature, but volunteers working during the Tour de France in July have been warned not to become too familiar with visitors. It has been suggested that favoured northern greetings such as “love” and “darling” could cause offence to foreign guests in the county when the race begins in Leeds on July 5th. Organisers have angered locals even further by creating an online training manual with advice for race volunteers.

Tour de France by Nick Traveller via Flickr

Book-it List

Do you have a travel bucket list? Well you might want to refer to the British Airways list of the top 40 holiday experiences to do before you’re 40. The list features a number of famous places around the world, from partying in one of Ibiza’s legendary nightclubs to taking a surfing lesson in Hawaii. For a more adventurous experience, sky jumping in Las Vegas and bungee jumping in New Zealand make the list, while the ‘Love Lock’ bridge in Paris is said to be a must for anyone thinking about popping the question.

Paris Love Locks by JD via Flickr

Balea-rich Islands

For many people, eating out is one of the highlights of a holiday. But you might need to save up a bit if you’re planning on dining at one particular hotel in Ibiza. A meal at the new Hard Rock Hotel’s Sublimotion restaurant in Playa d’en Bossa will cost a staggering £1,235 per person, making it the most expensive restaurant in the world. For your money, you’ll get a 20 course meal that is said to provide “moments of humour, pleasure, fear, reflection and nostalgia.”

Ibiza Sunset by Laura Marie via Flickr

Plane Stupidity

One 16 year old boy’s near death experience has been hailed as an aviation miracle after he spent five hours stowed away in the wheel well of an aeroplane. The runaway teen was found after a flight from California to Hawaii, which had flown at a maximum altitude of 38,000ft, with outside temperatures as low as -80˚F. Experts are baffled by the incident, but whether it’s a miracle or a hoax, it’s certainly an incredible story.

Plane Flying by JL Johnson via Flickr

On Yer Bike Kim!

Who would you least like to travel with? Well a recent survey has revealed that Kim Kardashian is the person that most people would hate to have as their travel buddy ahead of her fiancé, Kanye West, and Katie Price. Somewhat surprisingly, the in-laws are only ninth on the list as people would rather travel with them than the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, David Cameron and Jimmy Carr. As for the person we’d most like to join us on a road trip? Partners came out on top, ahead of celebrities that include David Walliams, Brad Pitt and Cheryl Cole.

Kim and Kanye by Accidental Paparazzi via Flickr

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