We’ve been browsing the web again this week for all the latest happenings from the world of travel – with everything from plane pet peeves to a budget air Prince!

So read on for this week’s hottest stories:

Give it a Rest

It’s one of the most contentious issues for people when flying. Which person gets the armrest? Well, thanks to the new Paperclip Armrest, there could soon be a solution to any mid-air squabbles. The innovative design (shaped like a paperclip) allows both sides to use the armrest at the same time with one person’s arm on the bottom and the other person’s on the top. Although we think if you’d like the person next to you to give you a bit more space, there’s no ‘arm in asking!

Inside Plane by Kashif Mardani via Flickr

Plane Passenger Peeves

What annoys you when flying? A recent survey has revealed that 58 per cent of people are frustrated by drunk and rowdy passengers the most. It’s not just unruly behaviour that gets us all worked up though as poor personal hygiene (yes, BO) and the dreaded seat-kicking were not far behind on the list. 43 per cent of people are irritated by crying babies more than anything else, while 14 per cent hate it when the person next to them hogs the arm rest – perhaps they should invent a new design…

Baby on Plane by Janus Bahs Jacquet via Flickr

A Class Act

You might think being a royal is all about fancy dinners and designer clothes – but not for Prince William. The prince showed he’s just as down-to-earth as the rest of us after flying economy class on a flight from Memphis to Dallas, ordering himself a water and… wait for it… paying for it himself! Wills gets the thumbs up from us though as it’s reported he paid for the trip himself and chose to sit in economy class to avoid taxpayers having to pay for him and his bodyguards to sit in First Class – what a gent!

Prince William

Men vs. Women 

When it comes to packing for a holiday, it seems men are a lot better at it than women! A massive 91 per cent of women admit to not wearing all of the clothes they take with them on their trip, while almost eight out of 10 men claim their case is also used by their partner. A recent study has revealed that the average woman packs 36 items with them on holiday with the average man packing just 18. As for the most common items that are never used? They include hats, socks and pyjamas.

Feet on Suitcase by eyesogreen via Flickr

Sun, Sea and… Soccer

What could be better than lounging around on a beach on a romantic holiday in Mexico? A football match in Cardiff it seems! One footie-mad Welshman cut short his dream holiday in Cancun halfway through as his local pub team had been chosen to play at the Cardiff City stadium. The 26 year-old even dragged his girlfriend back to Wales with him after his mum paid over £1,000 for new plane tickets. We think he might be scoring more on the pitch than off of it in the near future!

Playa del Carmen beach by jarnocan via Flickr

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Images: eyesogreen, Kashif Mardani, Janus Bahs Jacquet, @Local24Eli / WATN-TV, David van der Mark and jarnocan via Flickr.