After the England football team landed in Brazil at the weekend to prepare for the start of the World Cup, we thought we’d ask our community on Facebook and Twitter which celeb they’d most like to sit next to on a long-haul flight.

Read on to see the results – and there’s not a footballer in sight!


Several of our community named a comedian as their perfect travel companion proving that while on a plane, we’re partial to a bit of a chuckle. Scottish legend Billy Connolly is a favourite with one particular fan, although getting him on the plane might be tricky as the comedian apparently hates going on holiday! Chatty Man host Alan Carr was also on the list, while Roy Chubby Brown and John Bishop were also popular choices. Whoever you prefer, all are sure to have you laughing all the way to your chosen destination.


There have been many films featuring actors on planes over the years including Flight, Red Eye and of course, Snakes on a Plane, but it is Grease heartthrob John Travolta who is a hit with one of our Facebook fans, mainly because he could actually fly the plane himself – Travolta is a certified private pilot. Brad Pitt was bought a helicopter and flying lessons in 2012 by his wife Angelina Jolie (although we’re guessing this may not be the reason why one particular fan would like to sit next to him!), while B.A. Baracus (aka Mr. T), was also mentioned, although he may ‘pity the fool’ sitting next to him!

TV Personalities

He may be known as an ‘Idiot Abroad’, but that hasn’t stopped one fan naming Carl Pilkington as the person they’d most like to fly with. For a few more laughs (and perhaps a slightly crazy journey), one brave fan chose Keith Lemon, while for a more civilised flight, Stephen Fry was chosen for his ‘Quite Interesting’ facts which are sure to pass the time. American fitness expert and TV host Jessie Pavelka is also another popular choice, although sitting next to him might make you feel guilty about reaching for that bag of chocolates!


Rather than sitting there in silence, it seems many of you would like to be serenaded whilst flying above the clouds. Robbie Williams was the most popular choice of musician, with our fans clearly having ‘No Regrets’ about spending their journey with the Take That star. Other popular musicians include Will.I.Am who would certainly make it an entertaining flight, Enrique Iglesias and erm… Donny Osmond.


Another suggestion we had that doesn’t fall into the above categories includes the pilot (not sure if this is possible these days as the cock pit’s off limits), while one fan is simply happy to get away with friends – aww!

Did we miss anyone? Who would be your number one flight buddy? Join in the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.