It’s June, and it’s that time of the week again – when we unleash the latest stories and hot topics in the world of travel just for you.

(Yes, you!)

Without further ado, here’s our round up from around the globe.

The United Wimp-Dom

According to the latest research, us Brits aren’t the most adventurous of nationalities, with a mere 29% of the population dipping their toes into adrenaline sports. In terms of regions, those in London and the North East are the most daring. The most popular ‘risky’ activities that the UK’s bravest tried were abseiling, caving and mountain climbing, while climbing Big Ben and jet skiing down the Thames were on most peoples’ bucket list. At least we’re thinking about it!

Abseiling via flickr by ianz

Can I Get an Upgrade?

The Hong Kong airline, Cathay Pacific, is currently considering a new process for reducing empty seats on their flights – and that’s to auction off first class tickets online. If approved, the system would use an eBay type of method to ensure the highest bidder would receive the upgraded seat. Sounds like a first class idea if you ask us.

air hostess via flickr by bogers

Nice Day for a Flight Wedding

Love was well and truly in the air last week as one couple got hitched whilst flying 30,000ft above the ground. The groom won a competition to surprise his partner on a flight from Brussels to Rhodes, keeping his plans secret from her until they were on the plane. Friends and family were hiding at the back of the plane before revealing themselves as the happy couple tied the knot. Puts a whole new spin on the tradition of walking down the aisle!

Wedding Couple by Pete Bellis via Flickr

New G-App Year Technology?

If you’re worried about keeping tabs on your children while they’re off travelling, there’s an app for that. The new technology Family Locator allows those with the app to be tracked by a number of security features including pin dropping, zone alerts and maps. Wow – we’re speechless! Certainly gives a new take on the game ‘I Spy’.

gapyah via flickr by wills

Recline on the Decline

There’s one thing worse than aeroplane food – and that’s having to eat your in-flight meal on your lap because the passenger in front of you refuses to put their seat up. Well this week, Monarch Airlines have announced plans to ban reclining seats, which are thought to be the cause of most mid-air arguments. The decision comes after the airline conducted a survey where 90% of passengers voted against reclining chairs. Talk about a wind up!

seats via flickr by atalaya

What do you think – should reclining seats on aeroplanes be stopped or salvaged?

Holiday Deals

Images: menabiilly, ianz, bogers, Pete Bellis, wills & atalaya via Flickr.