After the recent bout of heatwaves and summer storms throughout Britain, a summer holiday might not be as appealing as it once was – and you might be craving somewhere to cool off from the extreme temperatures.

From Dublin to Reykjavik, we thought we’d round up some destinations that are known for their milder climates during the summer season. Without further ado, here are our top five faves – in no particular order!


Iso-Syote is a great Nordic destination to tick off your list in the summer – Iso-Syote National Park is particularly beautiful with plenty to do too. Not only can you stay in a log cabin, but it’s great for canoe trips on the river Pärjänjoki, which runs through the park – and is a great way to explore the Finnish forests.

finland via flickr by visitfinland


This time of year is perhaps the best time to go to Iceland and we’d recommend a trip to Reykjavík. Not only can you catch the midnight sun, but you can also go for a dip in one of the many natural springs here. Nauthólsvík Beach is great for the summer, it has a natural Jacuzzi geothermal pools, and it’s close to the Atlantic if you wanted a dip in the sea – the ocean’s not heated though, unfortunately!

Iceland via flickr by riggott


Another good summer spot, Yllas in the north of Finland is known for its wide range of outdoor activities including mountain biking, fishing, river rafting and orienteering to name a few. Pallas-Ylläs National Park is a great place to see the country’s scenery (think forests and mountains terrain wise), and it’s particularly popular for hiking especially at this time of year.

lapland via flickr by rukakuusamo


If you’re up for a city break that won’t have you melting, the Irish capital is a good option. Not only are there plenty of sites to see in Dublin (Trinity College, The Guinness Storehouse and Phoenix Park should all be on your to-do list), but it’s just a stones throw away from the beautiful Celtic countryside too. Dalkey Castle is a good shout for an afternoon trip – and is just a 40-minute train journey (or half hour drive away).

dublin via flickr by kilgarron


Another ski destination turned hiking spot in the summer, Geilo is an amazing place to see this time of year. The mountain village doesn’t just have plenty of scenery to set your sights on, but it’s located next to a fjord too. Ustedalsfjorden has its own beach and is ideal for swimming/picnicking in the summer. Half way between Bergen and Oslo, Norway’s two largest cities, it’s conveniently located for seeing more of the country too.

geilo via flickr by everywhereatonce

What are your favourite places to visit at this time of year?

Images: anne-cathrine_nyberg, visitfinland, riggott, rukakuusamo, kilgarron, everywhereatonce via Flickr.