Not only is today the hottest day of the year in many parts of Britain, but it’s Friday! Here’s our round up of travel updates from the past seven days (and don’t forget to scroll down for three amazing holiday deals).

Sun, Sea and Stripping Off

Monday marked National Nude Day and to mark the occasion – a study showed that the people most likely to bare all on holiday were the Germans. While Brits are some of the most bashful beach-goers with just 12 per cent admitting to stripping off in the sand, the Norwegians were the least likely to go nude on a break abroad. Whatever you do, just don’t forget the sunscreen!

swimsuit via flickr by ryanwick

Holiday Havoc

This week two families who were headed to Spain for their summer holiday managed to board the wrong plane – and almost ended up in Latvia! Apparently the mix up occurred after queues for the two destinations were formed very closely together, but the flight attendants failed to catch the slipup. Luckily, they realised before take-off to Riga and were able to catch a later flight to their intended destination – Almeria.

via flickr by kevin shorter

Bon Voyage, Jet Lag!

Perhaps the one major downside to travelling is the jet lag, and unfortunately for many there seems to be no escaping it. But a recent study to surface this week might have found the cure for this frustrating issue. And the best part is that the solution is eating more. Scientists believe that loading up on regular doses of carbohydrates (like pasta) and protein snacks help to keep your mind and body alert – the key to regulating your natural body clock. We hope this means in-flight meals might get a revamp!

Sleeping on Suitcase by Ludovic Bertron via Flickr

The London WonderGround

If you’re travelling to Europe from London, you’re in luck, as TFL has announced plans to introduce cash points that will dispense Euros as well as pounds. The ATMs will be placed at 70 Tube stations throughout the Underground network with stops including Euston, Liverpool Street, London Bridge and Heathrow. Talk about some serious change!

tube via flickr by tompagenet

New Seats Set to Take Off

The latest seating designs from Airbus depict an evolvement of the aeroplane seat as we know it and instead resemble bicycle saddles. The new designs are aimed to squeeze more passengers onto short-haul economy flights while accommodating the expanding waistlines of many of today’s flyers. We’d like to know if we’ll still have to fight over the armrest!

seat view via flickr by chrisjones

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Images: nanagyei, ryanwick, Kevin Shorter, Ludovic Bertron, tompagenet & chrisjones via Flickr.