In a week that saw the Prime Minister’s holiday wardrobe hitting the headlines, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s been a quiet week in the world of travel.

But you’d be wrong!

From a travelling duck to the least welcoming city in the world, we’ve rounded up some of the best stories from the past seven days:

Quack & Roll

A duck is perhaps the last thing you expect to be given when you buy a motorcycle, but that’s exactly what happened to one group of lads travelling around Vietnam. The duck (named Rab) was offered to the friends in Ho Chi Minh City before they embarked on a 1,000-mile trip around the country. As the group explored the sights of Vietnam, the duck joined them on the back of one of the motorbikes, even sitting alongside them at bars and restaurants – we’re just surprised they didn’t decide to visit Peking!

Duck by Hans Splinter via Flickr

Sour Africa

Those hoping for a warm greeting on their next holiday should probably stay away from Johannesburg. That’s because the South African city has been named by Conde Nast Traveler as the least friendly city in the world. Other cities that are most likely to give you the cold shoulder include Cannes and Moscow. As for the friendliest cities in the world, that title goes to Melbourne in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.

Johannesburg by Evan Bench via Flickr

Bank Holiday Exodus

With another bank holiday to enjoy this weekend, it’s predicted that more than two-million Brits will be heading abroad. The most popular destinations for some bank holiday sun are Spain (including a 164 per cent increase in departures to Benidorm), Turkey and Greece, while the most common long haul trips are to Florida and Cancun. It’s also going to be a busy weekend for those staying in the UK though with an estimated 5.1 million people planning an overnight break.

Busy airport by Carl Baron via Flickr

Cruise Chips

Going on a cruise this year? Well you might want to take a bit of extra spending money. That’s because a recent study has found that four out of five cruise passengers admitted to gambling whilst aboard a cruise ship, gambling an average of £146 in the ship’s casino. Good casino facilities and the social element of playing were said to be the biggest reasons why people decided to have a flutter, although 25 per cent of people claim to regret their gambling experience.

Casino by University of the Fraser Valley via Flickr

All Work and No Play

Forget about waiting for your luggage to arrive on the carousal or getting lost in a strange place – the most stressful thing about a holiday is getting a call from your boss. New research has shown that a phone call or text message from work gets us more annoyed than anything else. The survey revealed that a massive 68 per cent of people have been contacted by their boss while enjoying their holiday – we suggest turning your phone off on your next trip!

Phone on beach by Tarek via Flickr

Do you think your boss should be allowed to contact you while on holiday? Let us know!

Holiday Deals

Images: Teresa Rodriquez, Hans Splinter, Evan Bench, Carl Baron, University of the Fraser Valley & Tarek via Flickr.

*All deals accurate at the time of writing (22/08/2014)