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Need a Break—Up?! Head Over to Splitsville, USA

A hotel has opened up in America for couples to go to, well, uncouple. That’s right, for £3,000 you can get the ‘weekend divorce package’. This deal only includes legally ending your marriage, but the upstate New York resort has thrown in other amenities to help you take your mind off things – including access to golf, tennis, hiking, the spa and even ice skating! Could this be the real life Heart Break Hotel?


Buda-Mess Up

This week, tourists on a ferris wheel in Budapest were left confused after being given completely the wrong commentary on their tour of the Hungarian capital. The track playing was in fact nothing to do with the Eastern European country at all, but a voiceover describing the coastal town of Plymouth. The tour operating company has since rectified the blunder and we can confirm the correct track is now playing, should you be Hungary for a bit of history with your sightseeing, that is.

ferris wheel

Ryanair’s Makeunder

This week, Ryanair unveiled plans to go back to the drawing board in terms of design and are looking into new brand colours, swapping their signature sunshine yellow for something a bit more subtle. While the actual transformation won’t take place until 2019, they are looking into revamping their logo and aircrafts with visuals packed with images rather than just sunny shades. We’re looking forward to seeing the results hit the runway!


Tea-rrific Travelling Role

If you can’t get enough of Britain’s favourite drink, we might just have the job for you. Tetley’s on the hunt for a new tea taster – but it doesn’t stop there. The lucky candidate will also have to travel the world to sample some of the best blends around with stops in countries like India and Kenya. While there will be a packet of biscuits available upon request, there’s no word on whether or not the globe hopping role will come with a dental package…

Cup of Tea

Ground Break-ing 3G

What’s the latest trend in travel you say? Well, turns out it’s not the latest gadget but a new way of holidaying known as multi-generational trips. Dubbed ‘3G’ breaks for short, the new type of break refers to one where the whole family comes along –  from children to grandparents – and apparently one in six Brits have taken one in the last year. We just hope it ends a bit better than the Christmas dinner chat!


Would you go on a 3G holiday?

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