It’s that time of the week again where we take a look at the travel-related stories that have been hitting the headlines in the past seven days.

From a germ-fighting jacket to the least popular attraction in Britain, here are this week’s must-read stories.

Slovakian Stag

A stag do in a foreign city is always great fun but it can often end up costing you a fortune. Heading to Bratislava however, might save you a few quid as the city has been named as the cheapest city for a stag do. The survey compared the price of stag party essentials including flights, accommodation and a pint of beer with the Slovakian capital costing just less than Dublin and Tallinn in Estonia. Those on a budget will want to avoid Ibiza though as a stag to the party island will set you back three times as much as Bratislava.

Stag party by Peanut99 via Flickr

The Germinator

Travelling on the train or Tube every day can often be a bit grubby. But one company has gone to extreme lengths to protect commuters from germs with their new jacket known as The Germinator. Costing £122 to buy, the jacket features a high collar made from anti-microbial fabric to be used as a face mask, removable cuffs that allow passengers to hold on to poles when standing on a train or bus and vented pockets that help cool down the wearer without taking it off.

Tube by llee_wu via Flickr

Least Anglia

With much talk about the most visited attractions in the UK, you might want to spare a thought for Beacon Hill Fort in East Anglia. That’s because the site has been named as the least popular attraction in the country, despite costing just £1 to enter. Although the site was one of Britain’s defences against a possible Nazi invasion, just six people visited there in 2013, compared to the British Museum which welcomed almost seven million. So if you’re in East Anglia anytime in the near future, why not pop in and see it?


Hair-port of the Dog

Leaving an item on the plane can be pretty annoying, but passengers flying with airline KLM into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol might want to do it more often. That’s because the airline has recruited a cute beagle called Sherlock to work in its Lost and Found team. Using its amazing sense of smell, Sherlock is able to track down passengers and reunite them with their belongings before they leave the airport.  Unfortunately, it seems the video is no more than a publicity stunt by the airline – but we still love it!

Bar-li-gain Beach Breaks

It’s that time of year when many people start thinking about enjoying a bit of winter sun, and those on a budget might want to consider Bali. The Indonesian island has been named as the best value winter long haul holiday destination based on the cost of things like an evening meal and the cost of a bottle of water. Cape Town and Sri Lanka make up the top three, while the most expensive destination is Dubai where the same items cost more than three times as much as Bali.

Monkey in Bali by D.Meutia via Flickr

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Images: Alessandro Caproni, Peanut99, llee_wu, Shane Global and D.Meutia via Flickr.