We all know that luggage space can be pretty tight, so each month the HDC team like to come up with as many uses as possible for one typical holiday item.

This month, it’s the scarf’s turn – a holiday staple for anyone travelling to a destination where the weather might be a bit chillier.

But apart from wrapping it around your neck to keep out of the cold, what other things can you do with it? We asked our amazing apprentices to come up with a few alternative ideas:


It’s all well and good keeping your neck warm in cold weather but for some people, especially those who are perhaps slightly follically challenged, maintaining a bit of heat on their head is much more important. Luckily, a scarf acts as the perfect bandana – and, as we think you’ll all agree – looks pretty stylish too.


Skipping rope

Waiting in a long airport queue? Or need to pass a bit of time before going out for dinner? Well how about a bit of skipping? But don’t worry if you accidently leave your skipping rope at home on your next holiday, as a scarf works just as well.* Anyone travelling as a couple may need to ask a fellow holidaymaker to take one end of the rope…we mean scarf, but we’re sure they won’t mind one bit once they see how much fun it is.

*this may not be true.



Picture the scene. You’re all ready to go out for the evening wearing that trendy new skirt you bought specially for your holiday, but you look down into your suitcase, and it’s not there. You forgot to pack it! Don’t despair though – the humble scarf never lets you down. Simply wrap it around your waist to complete your outfit and warm up your rear – people probably won’t even notice at all.



Who needs a bag when you have a scarf? Not us anyway. Don’t worry about finding enough space in your suitcase for your favourite bag, as using a scarf is the perfect solution. With a few crafty twists, folds and knots, you’ll have your very own unique bag in seconds to carry all your essential bits and pieces – just remember to take everything out of it again before transforming it back into a scarf.


Exercise band

We all like to indulge ourselves on holiday, but all that food and drink can have an adverse effect on a person’s waistline. Using your scarf as an exercise band though is the ideal way to shift a few pounds before hitting the town for the evening. To use, just sit down on the floor with your feet out in front of you, wrap the scarf around them with one end of it in each hand and begin your workout – we’re feeling more toned just thinking about it!


So there you have it – proof that a scarf is not just for keeping you warm. Huge thumbs up to the HDC apprentices.

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Image credit: m01229 via Flickr.