With hot jacket potatoes, a spectacular fire and the chance to write your name in the air with a sparkler, what’s not to love about Bonfire Night?

Many people will be heading to a fireworks display this evening, but it’s not just on Bonfire Night that pyrotechnics cover the skies around the world. From National Days to New Year’s Eve, here are some of the very best fireworks displays that take place around the world.


Not content with just one fireworks display, Malta has its very own festival. The Malta International Fireworks Festival took place in April this year on three separate days in the capital of Valletta. With various awards for the best pyrotechnics up for grabs, and a whole host of companies taking part every year, anyone visiting at the end of April is in for a real treat.

Malta fireworks by Epic Fireworks via Flickr

Disneyland Paris

Disney is renowned for putting on a good show and their Bonfire Night celebrations are definitely something you don’t want to miss. The occasion features a huge Bonfire, loads of special effects and a special soundtrack to accompany the explosives. And any fireworks display that features Mickey Mouse is always a bonus, right?

Disneyland Paris Fireworks by Alias 0591 via Flickr


Australia Day is the country’s official National Day and it’s a big event, especially in Sydney. Taking place on the 26th January every year, the day is one big party for Aussies and Darling Harbour is the place to be for one pretty amazing fireworks show. There’s also a boat parade in the harbour that is worth checking out whilst you’re there.

Sydney fireworks by Slippy Slappy via Flickr


The sheer size of some of the buildings in Dubai shows that they don’t do things by halves here – and their fireworks displays are no different. The Palm Jumeirah and World Islands in the city are shaped like a palm tree, and the pair of artificial islands has the record for the world’s biggest display that takes place on New Year’s Eve.

Dubai fireworks by Sarah Ackerman via Flickr


Singapore is another country that celebrates its National Day with a fireworks display – and this one really is huge! The main event takes place on the 9th August but there’s plenty happening in the lead up to the big day with music, dance, parades and fireworks of course. Marina Bay is the place to be for one of the most spectacular displays in the world.

Singapore fireworks by Brian Evans via Flickr

Have you been to any unforgettable fireworks displays while on holiday? Let us know!

Images: Scott Barron, Epic Fireworks, Alias 0591, Slippy Slappy, Sarah Ackerman & Brian Evans via Flickr.