Ski season is just around the corner!  Organising a ski holiday requires lots of careful planning and preparation. Which slopes are best for beginners? Which resorts won’t break the bank? Where can I go for snowsure skiing and off-piste fun? At Holiday Discount Centre we’re used to rounding up the season’s best ski deals, from family trips to bargain breaks.  This year, to get ready for the new season, we’ve also taken a look back at the best of retro ski fashion for some fluorescent flashes of inspiration.

Make your way through the changing fashions before taking a look at some of the very best bargain destinations for your next ski holiday!

Movie Moguls

When iconic Hollywood actress Claudette Colbert skied Sun Valley in 1948, she did it in style and with hardly a hair out of place. The chic and à la mode Colbert rocked a business-like grey jacket with cinched-in waist, softening and lifting the whole look with striking red gloves and headscarf. Although not exactly what you’d see on the slopes today, it certainly does give off an air of luxury – what do you think? Will you be channelling the 40s on your next trip down the mountains?

Skiing 40s

Chunky Knits Fur-ever

Fast-forward to the 1970s and utilitarian chic has been replaced by fur hats, cable knits and roll necks. Unruffled and catalogue-ready, these heli-skiers sport primary colours and leggings in a look that combines on-piste practicality with statement accessories. They certainly look a lot warmer than Claudette Colbert and actually, quite stylish! With 70s fashion lining the shelves at the moment, this might actually be one to save to your wish-list, ready for the inevitable pre-ski shopping trip!

Skiing 70s

Go Flo

Iridescent sunglasses? Check. Fluorescent Lycra leggings with geometric print? Check. We’ve reached the 80s. This snappy skier certainly shows us how to carve with style; but, looking at this photo in a snug office in 2015, it all looks a wee bit nippy. As Mary Berry would say on The Great British Bake Off- not enough layers! If those leggings had a matching ski jacket however….

Skiing 80s

Onesie Direction

Another staple of 80s ski fashion and retro wannabes in the ‘Tenties’, the onesie makes up for its impracticalities with warmth and comfort. This unmissable incarnation is all angles and, combined with pink sunglasses and a husky, delivers effortless style. If you’re looking to master those jumps with ease, you need exactly the right outfit to go with it and we think we’ve found it with this one. When testing this one out on your next holiday, feel free to send us pictures!


Best of all Possible Worlds

If only an outfit could combine the comfort of onesies with the style of Lycra. This sequined Carnation pink bodysuit may just provide a solution to this dilemma. Paired with matching boots, it’s snug, flexible enough for Y-stands and, if speed’s your thing, very low drag. Again, we can’t confidently confirm the warmth that this particular ensemble provides and if we were you, we’d throw on a good few thermal layers underneath. After all, you wouldn’t want to rob the other skiers of admiring you by layering on top, would you?

Skiing Pink

And now that we’re warmed up, here’s the best bit. We’ve chosen three of our best priced destinations, to give you an idea of how you truly can get that action-packed holiday for a great price.

For 7 nights, why not try…

Let us know where you’ll be heading on your next skiing holiday – and please be sure to post pictures over on Facebook if you’re copying any of the styles we’ve shown above!

Header image via Flickr: Cory Doctorow

Images via Pinterest: Emily Peters,, Jan PBR,, Audrey Barbier