Now that January is over, it’s safe to put the diet on hold and abandon any over-ambitious resolutions. Instead, take a quick look at the some of the best restaurants around the world and start planning your next food tour! We’ve picked out five of our favourites, including some stunning locations that, with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, are perfect for couples, honeymoons and popping the question.

Le Jules Verne

Le Jules Verne is a restaurant with a unique selling point. Located within the Eiffel Tower, this Alain Ducasse restaurant is boasts spectacular views of the City of Light, and with a Michelin Star, the food’s not bad either. You can look forward to the best of contemporary French cooking and, of course, that view. By eating in le tour Eiffel, you’ll be following in the footsteps of Guy de Maupassant, the writer who famously had lunch at the Eiffel Tower every day because it was the only place where he couldn’t see the tower itself.


Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

There are lots of restaurants around the world with stunning sea views; but there isn’t anything quite like the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives. Part of the Conrad Maldives Resort and Spa, the restaurant has a simply decorated interior that offers little to distract diners from the uninterrupted, 180-degree view of the Maldives’ tropical fish and coral. Diners can expect to see everything from rays and sharks to huge shoals of colourful Blue Tang as they tuck into a selection of contemporary European dishes and cocktails. Not surprisingly, the restaurant is extremely popular with honeymooners.


Il Pirata, Praiano

The small coastal town of Praiano is one the most photographed spots on Italy’s UNESCO-listed Amalfi Coast. Quieter and smaller than Positano, its famous neighbour, Praiano is squeezed precariously between a green, steeply terraced cliff face and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Il Pirata, a popular restaurant in Praiano’s Vettica Maggiore, is popular with tourists and locals, who go to savour the famous ricci di mare and the relaxed atmosphere.


Katz’s Delicatessen
New York

Katz’s Deli, a staple of New York’s Lower East Side, is an important part of the city’s – and Hollywood’s – history. Famous for that scene in When Harry Met Sally, tourists and locals still flock to Katz’s for its traditional Jewish classics such as beef brisket with horseradish and pastrami on rye. The walls are lined with famous celebs and give a vivid sense of New York’s iconic past. Be warned: you should expect to hear a few strange noises coming from other tables as people do their best Meg Ryan impressions!


Santorini, Greece

The view from Oia overlooking Santorini’s volcanic cliffs and the Aegean Sea is unmistakeable. If you’ve seen picturesque photos of Oia in the past, there’s a fair chance they were taken from Ambrosia, a stunning restaurant located towards the top of the cliff. Tables on the restaurant’s terrace offer sweeping views, with diners able to enjoy a selection of local seafood and traditional Santorini dishes.


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