Travelling with the whole family is great fun and usually goes by without any issues. But sometimes a moody or unhappy teenager can lower the tone of an otherwise perfect getaway. Here are our top tips for keeping teenagers happy on holiday!


1. The Destination

What you and your teenager want out of a holiday might not be the same! While you may want to lounge on the beach your teenager may want to explore bustling cities. Allow your teenager to be involved in choosing of the destination and that you choose somewhere everyone can be happy.

2. The Activities

Make sure that you have plenty planned to do on your holiday, and the activities are varied keeping everyone happy. Once again you should involve your teen in the decision making and that they are happy with the activities. Also, don’t feel that you have to stick to your plan, take a breather one day and don’t force your teen to do everything you want to do.


3. The Hotel

When choosing the hotel take these things into account. Is it safe for your teen to explore the nearby area? How close are you to what you want to see? Some teens will get quickly aggravated if you have to sit in a hot car for hours or hike a marathon every day to see what you want. If it’s available, WiFi is a great way to keep teens happy when in the hotel.

4. Phone Usage

Many teenagers spend every waking second on their phone, so try and encourage them to engage with the rest of the family. However allow them to talk to friends and take pictures if its appropriate and not at the dinner table!

WARNING: Check your teenagers contract about internet usage abroad in advance. Some phone providers will charge a fortune!


5. Responsibility

You should try and treat your child like a young adult. Many teens will feel happy if you show your trust and give them responsibility. Give them a budget to buy what they want, allow them time to explore on their own and don’t talk to them like a child.

6. Personal Space

If possible, try and get adjoining hotel rooms so your teen can have their private time alone. Many teenagers will not be used to spending so much time with their parents constantly, and this sudden change may not make them feel comfortable.

7. Food and Drink

A good tip for any holiday, but especially with teens is to have drinks and snacks available throughout the day. Depending on where you visit, local shops will often have unreasonable prices, so bringing your own food before departing is a great way to save money.

8. Restaurants

Eating out on holiday is a great way to experience a countries culture, but make sure that your teenager is up for it. Encourage them to try eating new things and being adventurous, but make sure they are still enjoying themselves and aren’t put off foreign food permanently. If your teenager is a really fussy eater, there’s always McDonalds available!


9. Early Starts

We all know teens love their sleep, and an early start could put them in a bad mood all day. Don’t be too strict about when your day starts and give them an extra hour in bed sometimes. Of course make sure they don’t sleep through the whole holiday!

10. Flexibility

The number one problem for a teen on holiday is them feeling they have do things they don’t want to. Make sure they are closely involved when planning the holiday and don’t be strict on what they can and can’t do. But most importantly make sure they are safe and are having a good time, it is a holiday after all!

What you waiting for! Get the family involved and start planning your next holiday today!

Do you have any of your own tips you would like to share with us? Let us know over on Facebook or in the comments below.