Why visit one city when you can see several? Cruise ships offer a convenient way to see Cities from multiple countries without the fuss of moving hotels and worrying about transport. Here are 7 Mediterranean cities that are great for a short visit.


A completely pedestrianized city, Venice is one of the places you must visit at least once in your life. The ancient floating city is famous for its numerous canals that make wandering around its streets endlessly enjoyable. St Marks Square is the highlight of the city, with the intricate architecture remaining completely undamaged from its erection centuries ago. Another stand out site is the Rialto bridge, which remains the heart of Venice, surrounded by numerous shops and some of the best restaurants in the city.


While this coastal city may go unnoticed due to the number of tourist heavy destinations in Italy, Bari is well worth a visit if the opportunity arises. The city’s old town is deceptively large, with a number of large churches and narrow alleyways. At its centre is the impressive Swabian Castle, which currently serves to showcase exhibitions. Away from the old town is the port, which provides a nice contrast to many busy Italian ports, hosting mostly locally owned cruisers and fishing boats.


Athens is the perfect city for history lovers. While much of the city has become a modern metropolis, many of the important sites from Ancient Greece still remain mostly intact. It would be a crime to visit Athens and not see the world famous Parthenon. Being over 2000 years old, this ancient temple has stood the test of time. Athens also hosts a number of famous museums such as the National Archaeological museum, which holds many of the preserved Ancient Greek relics.


While this small Greek port does not have many attractions itself, it is the gateway to the nearby famous Olympia, the site of the original Olympic games. Despite most of the buildings being destroyed, the site boasts significant natural beauty, and is a great way to experience the Greek countryside. Olympia was also once the site of the Statue of Zeus, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world.


This Greek island will often slip under the radar due to its small size and accessibility only by boat. However, if the opportunity arises, don’t miss a trip to Mykonos! The town located on the coast is filled with a number of souvenir and designer shops, as well as plenty of cafes and bars to relax. There are no shortage of breathtaking views either, with the traditional windmills providing excellent photo opportunities.


This small Croatian town has become a world famous tourist destination thanks to its frequent appearances in the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. Even for those who haven’t seen the show, Dubrovnik’s old town is an impressive sight with its huge castle like walls and stunning views of the harbour.


Finally we have the famous Italian city of Milan, one of the most popular city destinations in the world. While it is inland, Milan can be reached by a 2 hour train Journey from Venice. Milan is well known for it’s fashion scene, with numerous designer shops being found around Milan Cathedral, the third biggest in the world. For fans of sport, the San Siro stadium is a must see, being one of the most impressive stadiums in Europe able to hold 80,000 fans. Art lovers should visit the Santa Maria delle Grazie, which holds Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting ‘The Last Supper’. However, tickets must be booked well in advance, with only a limited number of visitors allowed per hour.

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