Annual leave is one of the most precious commodities in the modern world. It keeps us sane and quite often we protect and seek it like a precious jewel, cashing it in only when the time is perfect. However, if you’re like us, you’ll probably feel that most times of the year are perfect, and that there can never be enough annual leave. Although we can’t grant you unlimited amounts of annual leave, we can help you to effectively double your annual leave with some smart tricks about when you take it. Let’s dive into it…

Turn 4 Days Annual Leave into 10 Days Off at Easter

One of the best little holidays hacks on this list is to make sure you book 19th – 22nd April off for your annual leave. Good Friday falls on the 15th April and Easter Monday on 18th April. Taking those following 4 days off work after Easter will give you a spectacular 10 days off from work from just 4 days holiday. Here’s how it will look:

Friday 15 April: Bank holiday
Saturday 16 April: Weekend
Sunday 17 April: Weekend
Monday 18 April: Bank holiday
Tuesday 19 April: Annual leave
Wednesday 20 April: Annual leave
Thursday 21 April: Annual leave
Friday 22 April: Annual leave
Saturday 23 April: Weekend
Sunday 24 April: Weekend

Turn 4 Days Annual Leave into 9 Days Off for May Bank Holiday

May Bank Holiday falls on the 2nd May 2022, so if you’re looking to take advantage and get a 9-day trip away for the price of 4, be sure to book the following 4 days off after the bank holiday: 3rd – 6th May. Here is what your juicy 9 days off will look like:

Saturday 30 April: Weekend
Sunday 1 May: Weekend
Monday 2 May: Bank Holiday
Tuesday 3 May: Annual leave
Wednesday 4 May: Annual leave
Thursday 5 May: Annual leave
Friday 6 May: Annual leave
Saturday 7 May: Weekend
Sunday 8 May: Weekend

Turn 3 Days of Annual Leave into 7 Days Off for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth is set to celebrate her 70th year on the throne next year but it is not just her that should be celebrating. Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June are bank holidays for the celebration, so savvy holiday-bookers can take advantage and get 7 days off for the price of 3 when they book 30th June – 1st May off. Here is what it will look like in practice:

Monday 30 May: Annual leave
Tuesday 31 May: Annual leave
Wednesday 1 June: Annual leave
Thursday 2 June: Bank holiday
Friday 3 June: Bank holiday
Saturday 4 June: Weekend
Sunday 5 June: Weekend

Turn 4 Days of Annual Leave into 9 Days Off for August Bank Holiday

The August bank holiday falls on the 29th in 2022 meaning that by booking 30th August – 2nd September off work. This is what your 9 days off will look like:

27 August: Weekend
28 August: Weekend
29 August: Bank holiday
30 August: Annual leave
31 August: Annual leave
1 September: Annual leave
2 September: Annual leave
3 September: Weekend
4 September: Weekend

Turn 3 Days of Annual Leave into 10 Days Off over the Christmas Period

Christmas Day 2022 falls on a Sunday, meaning we get a substitute bank holiday the following Tuesday (just after boxing day). New Year’s Day is on a Saturday, meaning you only have to book 28th, 29th and 30th December off. This is perfect for a Christmas holiday break. Here is what your final booking slots would look like:

Saturday 24 December: Weekend
Sunday 25 December: Christmas Day (weekend)
Monday 26 December: Bank holiday (Boxing Day)
Tuesday 27 December: Bank holiday
Wednesday 28 December: Annual leave
Thursday 29 December: Annual leave
Friday 30 December: Annual leave
Saturday 31 December: Weekend
Sunday 1 January: Weekend
Monday 2 January: Bank holiday