European cities have long been popular for city breaks with tourists all over the world. With such a mix of cultures, histories, traditions, people, cuisines and everything in between, you can experience so much variety in a relatively small space. On top of this, many European cities are much cheaper to spend a weekend in than many of the UK’s cities. Here are our top 5 picks for city breaks on a budget…


Budapest is often considered the king of European city breaks and is always high up on many people’s lists for places to visit. It is a vibrant city filled with incredible things to do and see on almost every corner that you turn. Whether you are taking a cruise along the River Danube, taking photos outside the grand parliament buildings or relaxing in traditional Roman-style baths, Budapest has something for everyone.

What makes this place even more appealing is the prices that you pay when you are out there. A standard pint of beer while you’re out will cost you £1-£2, a bottle of wine around £4-£5 and bottled water will set you back pennies. Many of the attractions around the city will also be relatively cheap. For example the Budapest Baths are around £15 for full access to the baths. The biggest savings here though are definitely on food and drink.


Rome is another fantastic city break that is also cheaper than many people believe it to be. It is known for some of the most famous, beautiful and historic points of interest in the whole world including the Colosseum, The Vatican City and Trevi Fountain. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day and it certainly can’t be seen in a day either, with so much to do in this incredible city.

As is the case with most major European cities, the price of food and drink can vary quite significantly depending on where you choose in the city. Generally speaking, if you are within eyeshot of a famous landmark, expect it to be expensive! However, if you are just wandering the streets you can expect to find plenty of panini shops for a few euros and pizza for a little more. Drinking out in Rome isn’t cheap, but buying your booze from a supermarket could be the way to stock up. You can get big bottles of wine for €1.50. There are also water fountains all over the city that provide free drinking water to everyone so make sure you take advantage!


Prague is another superb European destination that combines plenty of things to do and see with a very reasonable price of living while you’re out there to accompany it. Take in the sights of the Old Quarter, stroll across the famous Charles Bridge and even take a trip to Prague Zoo while you are in the city! Entry fees are around about £12 which is reasonable.

What makes Prague such a popular destination though is the money that you save on food and drink. A pint of beer is going to cost the equivalent of a couple of pounds at the most and you can get a good quality bottle of wine for a fiver. An evening in the centre of Prague for 2 people with 3 courses will only set you back around £30. A huge bonus in Prague is the fact that almost all of the main attractions are also free to see/experience so you can really travel here with a low budget.


Porto is a simply stunning Portuguese city that is steadily rising in popularity as one of the best city breaks in Europe. Walks along the Douro River, a visit to the grand Palacio da Bolsa and sit on the banks of Gaia and sample some of the famous, local wine. Porto is an extremely relaxed destination and all of its major landmarks that require entry are priced at a standard €10-15, however most places can be seen and enjoyed for free.

The prices for food and drink in Porto are one of the main reasons that it made it on to our exclusive City Breaks on a Budget list. You can get a pint of domestic beer for a couple of euros with a bottle of delicious local wine setting you back less than €5. A 3-course meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant will be around €30. If you can combine cheap flights with a cost of living this cheap in one of Europe’s most relaxed and stunning destinations, you are certainly on for a winner and holiday you will never forget.