Overseas travel often brings about a sense of adventure and excitement. However, it can also lead to some hilariously ridiculous complaints from travellers. Here’s a compilation of 15 of the most absurd travel complaints from various sources:

1. The Too Sandy Beach:

One traveller’s experience at a beach was dampened by the abundance of sand. Yes, the complaint was literally about a beach being too sandy, challenging the very nature of beaches themselves.

2. Curry Overload in Goa:

A tourist visiting Goa in India was taken aback by the prevalence of curry in local restaurants. Despite India’s well-known culinary history with spices, this traveller was disappointed by the lack of non-spicy food options.

3. Aroused Elephant Situation:

In a peculiar twist, a tourist at an African game lodge reported that their honeymoon was ruined after encountering a visibly aroused elephant. This unexpected wildlife behaviour left the tourist feeling inadequate and overshadowed their safari experience.

4. Siesta Time Shopping Woes:

A visitor was irked by the local custom of siesta, where shopkeepers close their shops in the afternoon. This tourist felt that this tradition was inconvenient and should be abolished, overlooking the cultural norms of the region they were visiting.

5. Sand Colour Discrepancy:

A holidaymaker lodged a complaint regarding the colour of the sand, which was different from what was shown in the brochure. The tourist was expecting yellow sand but found it to be white, leading to a peculiar dissatisfaction.

6. Gravy Soup Mix-up:

In Australia, a hotel guest complained about the soup’s thickness, only to later discover they had been eating gravy instead. This is certainly one of the more embarrassing ones on the list.

7. Counterfeit Ray-Bans:

A tourist expressed frustration upon realising that the Ray-Ban sunglasses purchased for five Euros were counterfeit. Some deals just scream far too good to be true.

8. Topless Sunbathing Distress:

A traveller’s holiday was spoiled by the presence of topless sunbathers on a beach, which they felt was inappropriate and distracting for their partner. It always pays to do your beach research.

9. Surprised by Sea Fish:

Astonishingly, a family was shocked to find fish in the sea, something they had not been informed about prior to their trip. This complaint reflects an unusual expectation of marine life—or the lack thereof.

10. Inequality in Flight Duration:

A traveller complained about the perceived unfairness in flight times, noting that their flight from Jamaica to England took nine hours, while Americans apparently took only three hours to reach home. Yes, really.

11. Apartment Size Disappointment:

One tourist compared the size of their one-bedroom apartment with a friend’s three-bedroom apartment and was upset about the difference in size, taking a very serious complaint straight to the owner.

12. Unexpected Mosquito Bites:

A visitor was taken aback by mosquito bites, claiming they were not warned about the possibility of being bitten. This is a surprisingly common unexpected aspect of holidays, but it’s no-one’s fault really.

13. Hairdresser Accommodation Worry:

A trainee hairdresser was concerned about staying in an accommodation that stated ‘No hairdressers at the accommodation’, showing a literal interpretation of the brochure’s wording. You can see why they might have been offended.

14. Language Barrier in Spain:

A tourist expressed frustration at the widespread use of Spanish in Spain and the scarcity of English speakers. It’s almost as if there are still Spaniards in Spain, despite what some of the coastal destinations may have you believe.

15. Questioning the Great Wall of China:

A traveller questioned the purpose and effectiveness of the Great Wall of China, wondering why it was built if the Mongols could have just gone around it. He kind of has a point though…

These complaints, ranging from the absurd to the bizarre, offer a humorous glimpse into the world of travel where expectations often clash with reality. They serve as entertaining anecdotes that highlight the diversity of traveller experiences and perspectives. Just make sure you are not on the next list!

Picture Credit: Canva