For better or worse, the simple days of going on holiday with a fold up travel map are long gone.

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, it’s all about the apps and gadgets these days. And although we’re all for leaving technology well alone on holiday, you can’t ignore the fact that some of these nifty machines do actually make life abroad a little bit easier.

So if you’re jetting off on your travels soon, here are some must-have travel apps and gadgets for 2014.

Duracell Portable USB Charger

We’ve all been there. You’re just about to capture an amazing scene on your phone and without warning the battery dies. The Duracell Portable USB Charger ensures this never has to happen again. Simply plug it into your phone when your battery’s running low and reap the rewards of an extra five hours of battery life. It’s rechargeable too – so you can pack it for festivals and days out long after your holiday.

Get it: £24.99 from Amazon

Yoga on Beach by Grand Velas Riviera Maya via Flickr

Manduka SuperLite Travel Mat

Going on holiday doesn’t mean throwing your fitness regime out of the window completely. If you’re into your yoga, the Manduka SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat is perfect. The mat has a solid grip (meaning no slipping and sliding on the floor), it folds up easily to fit into your suitcase, and at just 0.9kg it won’t interfere too much with your weight limit either.

Get it: £30 from Amazon

Skiing by Skistar Trysil via Flickr

Ski Tracks Lite

A must-have app for ski holidays, Ski Tracks Lite allows you to keep track of your mountain routes and get information on speed, time and distance. No phone signal is required for the app to work, so it doesn’t matter if you’re at the top or the bottom of the slope – there’ll be no scary data costs to pay.

Get it: Free from iTunes

Bottled Water by Clean Wal-Mart

Aquapure Traveller

In countries where you’re advised against drinking the tap water, constantly buying bottles of mineral water can be a bit of a pain. Likewise, if you’re going camping then carrying massive bottles around isn’t always an option. Step forward the Aquapure Traveller bottle, which allows you to drink tap water without becoming ill – it might even save you a few quid in the long run.

Get it: £35 from Amazon

Valuables on Holiday by Miki Yoshihito via Flickr

Underwear with Pockets

This next travel gadget certainly isn’t pants (sorry!) as it’s a great way to keep valuables safe on your travels. Available for both men and women, the Clever Travel Companion underwear allows you to store money and other items in zipped pockets under your clothes – well out of sight from any would be thieves, we’d hope.

Get it: £14.50 from Amazon

Local Restaurant by William Neuheisel via Flickr


Tasting the local food is a really important part of any holiday, so if you want to avoid the big food chains, the LocalEats app helps you find restaurants in different cities around the world. The app will find out where the restaurant is, what type of food they serve and how much it’ll cost, so you’ll never have to settle for the nearest Maccy D’s again.

Get it: Free from iTunes

Waiting at Airport by Dam via Flickr

Gate Guru

For many people, navigating the airport is all part of the holiday experience, so it’s a good idea to use an app like Gate Guru. The app offers loads of information about the services offered at hundreds of airports around the world, from restaurants to retailers, and is particularly useful when your flight is delayed.

Get it: Free from iTunes, Google Play and Windows

See more time saving travel apps here. What’s your favourite travel gadget?

Images: FredcaminoGrand Velas Riviera MayaSkistar TrysilClean Wal-MartMiki YoshihitoWilliam NeuheiselDam via Flickr