After a little break, the Holiday Discount Centre Blog is back with a brand new look. And to kick things off, we’re talking technology.

How many of us have spent hours on holiday looking for somewhere nice to eat, tracking down that famous landmark or simply trying to find the nearest loo? All of us, that’s how many. But never fear, because smart phone apps are coming to the rescue.

So here are some of the best travel apps available for details on flights, city guides, health tips and more. Who needs a map?

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1. Packing Pro

Don’t stress about forgetting your passport or accidentally packing the cat. Packing Pro creates a range of lists of what to pack for your trip with a collection of welcome reminders whether you’re city breaking or beach bathing.

Cost: £1.99
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2.  App in the Air

Wondering where you can grab a coffee before a flight? Or where you can get free Wi-Fi? This app will tell you everything you need to know about your departure airport, as well as an online check-in function, a personal flight schedule and detailed flight tracking.

Cost: Free
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3. Google Translate

A useful tool for communicating abroad to avoid any awkward language barriers, Google Translate features over 60 languages and allows users to speak the text as well as type it.

Cost: Free
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4. TouristEye

This fantastic travel guide for Android provides information on over 60,000 destinations around the world with tips on planning, booking and itineraries. Maps and general info also work offline.

Cost: Free
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5. MapsWithMe

Sometimes all we need on holiday is a good old map. But carrying a huge bulky map around can often be inconvenient. MapsWithMe is fast, detailed and covers every country in the world. It also works totally offline so no internet connection is required.

Cost: Free (lite) or £2.99 (pro)
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6. GuidiGO

Rather than wandering around a destination aimlessly, GuidiGO allows users to search for guided tours with carefully planned routes. You can filter your search by topics, specific monuments or locations and receive directions and tons of information.

Cost: Free
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7. SitOrSquat?

Don’t get caught short ever again. This useful app allows you to locate your nearest loo with information about whether it features things like hand dryers and of course whether or not you’ll need to sit or squat depending on how clean it is!

Cost: Free
Get it: iTunes store

8. Fit for Travel

There’s nothing worse than being ill on holiday so the Fit for Travel app provides essential tips and advice for staying healthy. Find information on vaccinations, travel sickness and health news around the world.

Cost: Free
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9. Concur

A must-have app for business travellers, Concur helps users manage their travel expenses on their smartphones whilst on-the-go meaning you won’t have to spend hours working them all out when you get home.

Cost: Free
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10. XE Currency

Do you know how much €100 is in pounds sterling? No? Well the XE Currency app lets you convert every currency in the world in seconds with live currency rates and charts.

Cost: Free
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Now over to you. What’s your must-have travel app?

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