When it comes to British tourists, Europe has a lot to say – and not all of it is said out loud. From the sunny beaches of Spain to the historic streets of Italy, British holidaymakers have left a lasting impression. But what do Europeans really think about them when the doors are closed? Let’s delve into the whispered opinions and unspoken truths.

1. The Party-Goers

In destinations like Ibiza or the Greek islands, British tourists are often synonymous with vibrant nightlife and non-stop partying. Europeans tend to view them as fun-loving and high-spirited, but sometimes a bit too loud and uninhibited.

2. The Cultural Enthusiasts

In cultural hubs like Paris and Rome, British tourists are appreciated for their enthusiasm for history and art. They’re seen as inquisitive and respectful, keen to soak up the local culture and heritage.

3. Language Barriers

One common critique is the expectation that everyone speaks English. While many Europeans admire the British charm, they also wish for more effort in learning and using local languages.

4. The Pub Culture

The classic image of a Brit abroad often involves a pub. Europeans notice the love for a good ale and a lively pub atmosphere, recognizing it as a core part of British social life, even when they’re abroad.

5. Politeness and Queues

A positive trait noted by many is the inherent British politeness and love for an orderly queue. This respect for manners and etiquette is often seen as a breath of fresh air.

6. Weather Woes

Coming from a country known for its unpredictable weather, British tourists are often seen making the most of any sunshine, sometimes to the amusement of the locals.

7. Economic Impact

On a more serious note, the economic contribution of British tourists is significant and widely acknowledged. Their spending in local businesses is crucial for many tourist-dependent economies.


While there are stereotypes and generalisations, it’s clear that British tourists, like any other group, are diverse. Their presence in Europe sparks a blend of amusement, appreciation, and at times, frustration. What remains constant is the cultural exchange that happens when Brits step out of their island and into the rich tapestry of Europe.

Picture Credit: Shutterstock