We’ve got a challenge for you.

1. Book a holiday to Athens

2. Print off this blog post

3. Tick off all 26 things on the list by the time you leave the city.

Bonus points if you do it in alphabetical order.

Are you up to it?

Acropolis at night

A is for Acropolis

This Neolithic site has towered over Athens since 438 BC. Every August during the full moon it’s open until midnight, with free entry and music from 9pm. 

B is for Benaki Museum

The go-to place for modern art and design.

C is for Museum of Cycladic Art

Home to some of the oldest artefacts around.

D is for Davelis Cave

Located up on Pendeli Mountain, this is considered to be one of the city’s most mysterious spots.

E is for Excursions

For cooler sightseeing, visit Filopappos Hill. Also known as the ‘Hill of the Muses’, the shaded paths make it a great place to stay out of the sun and take in beautiful views of the city.

F is for Flea Market

The largest is in Monastiraki, taking place every Sunday at Avissynias Square.

gazi via flickr by giannisl

G is for Gazi

A trendy neighbourhood packed with culture and nightlife, and renowned for its wide selection of clubs, bars, restaurants, music and art venues.

is for History

It’s thought that Athens dates all the way back to 1300-1400 BC – yes, that’s the Stone Age!

I is for Island Hopping

If you fancy getting out of the city, take a ferry to the rest of the country’s islands from Athens – you can do so from one of three ports.

J is for Jewellery

For a bit of Byzantine bling, go to Byzantino in the Plaka district, a family owned business specialising in authentic handmade Greek jewels.

K is for Kallimarmaro

Also known as the Panathenaic Stadium, Kallimarmaro means ‘beautifully marbled’ – this is the original site of the first modern Olympic Stadium.

L is for Lycabettus

Climb to the top of this 277 metre high mountain for one of the best views of the city. There’s a café on the viewing platform too! If you don’t fancy the hike, there’s also a funicular railway (or cablecar) that will take you there.

fish market athens via flickr by randypeters

M is for Markets

There are around 10 markets throughout the city – each one specialising in a different product – selling everything from books and clothes to organic vegetables, fish and meat.

N is for National Gardens

Discover 38 acres of greenery smack bang in central Athens behind the Greek Parliament building and stretching south to the Zappeion.

O is for Open Air Cinema

Located on the south side of the Acropolis, The Thiseion Cinema is one of the few Athenian outdoor theatres to use Greek subtitles instead of dubbing.

evzone via flickr by chucknado

P is for Parliament

The Old Palace dates back to 1836. Go there on a Sunday at 11am to catch the full ceremony of the changing of the guards.

Q is for Quiet Time

Head to the beach for a bit of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle, the best one is Vouliagmeni Beach – just 20km south of the city centre.

R is for Roman Forum

This is the site of the old Athenian marketplace dating back almost 2,000 years. It’s in the Monasteraki part of the city.

S is for Syntagma Square

The oldest square in Athens, this bustling area is sandwiched between the National Gardens and Greek Parliament – you can’t miss it!

T is for Tower of the Winds

On the same site as the Roman Forum in Monasteraki, this clock tower is said to be one of the world’s first.

U is for Underground

The Athens Metro is great way to get around quickly and easily. Tickets can also be used on most public transport including trams, buses and trolleybuses.

V is for Varvakios Agor

The most central (and largest) market, which takes place every day except Sunday from 8am-6pm on Athinas Street between Omonia and Monastiraki. Also known as Athens Dimotiki, it’s great for fresh produce, herbs and meat – particularly fish.


W is for Wine

Greece is known for its vast production of wine (even Shakespeare was a fan). The Megapanos Winery is just a few kilometres from Athens in the heart of the wine region – Attica. Tours are available too.

X is for X-tra sun cream

No matter what time you go, the sun is strong in Athens, so remember to slather up – and keep reapplying!

Y is for Yachts

Enjoy the open waters in style on a luxury yacht. Set sail from the Alimos marina in the city, and explore the Greek coastline from a completely unique perspective.

Z is for Zoo

The nearest? Attica Zoological Park, which has more than 2,000 animals from 350 species, is just 20km from the centre, making it ideal for a family day out.

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Images: cruggiannislrandypeterschucknadosmgerdesEmilio García via Flickr