Zante, or Zakynthos as it is known using its traditional Greek name, is the stock photo for pretty much every beach and sun picture you see. Golden beaches, crystal blue waters, a party hotspot and quaint villages filled with history and character are just a few note-worthy attractions. Let us guide you through every nook and cranny of this beautiful Greek island…

History and Culture of Zante

moussaka dish

A huge variety of foreign occupation of the island has resulted in an extremely diverse culture. This includes not only the people but also the dishes, architecture, music and literature. These are all aspects to dive right into if you are looking to avoid the party places or are just looking for a break from them. Many of the buildings are in the Italian, Venetian style as well as many houses featuring traditional stone fronts with wood and tile roofs. If you are thinking food, make sure you try the gorgeous Greek dish ‘Moussaka’ while you’re on the island.

Gorgeous Beaches

Zante is arguably most famous for its wide variety of beaches and resorts. Whether you are looking for golden sandy beaches or explorer-friendly pebbly coves, the island always has something to taste. A must-visit beach that we recommend is the famous Navagio beach, also known as Shipwreck beach. It is only accessible by boat and features an authentic shipwreck. It is a truly unique spot to be basking in the sun! Other notable beaches are Gerakas, Porto Zoro and Kalamaki.

Incredible Resorts

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If you are looking for cheap, fun and in the heart of nightlife resorts, then Tsivili and Laganas are the places for you. Here you will have easy access to all of the popular bars, pubs, beaches and restaurants that the island has to offer. Both locations also have a fair mix of traditional Greek culture thrown in too. If you are a family, Tsivili can also be recommended as it has a selection of water parks and fun parks which are a huge hit with the kids. Take Luna Fun Park for example, which contains bouncy castles, a rodeo bull and ten-pin bowling to finally settle who is really the best in the family!

Party Central

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As briefly mentioned above, Laganas is probably the biggest party hotspot on the whole island. The infamous Laganas strip contains bars and clubs as far as the eye can see and sometimes sights that the eyes never thought they would see! The two main clubs are Rescue and Zero, but other very worthy names include Cherry Bay, Sugar and Waikiki. If you are in desperate need of some food after your night out, there are a tonne of street-food style vendors who will sell you the greatest kebab wrap of your life!

Family Outings

horse carriage zante

Zante isn’t just popular with the youth and rightly so. The party scene is just a tiny part of the island and there are countless other things to do, especially for families. Getting around the island on horseback is a hugely popular feature that everyone in the family can get involved with. Take a small trip to the island of Marathonissi and get a glimpse of the endangered and incredibly majestic loggerhead turtle. Glass bottom boats provide the perfect viewing of these simply stunning creatures.

Off the Beaten Track

zante cliffs

There are also plenty of off the beaten track options if you are looking to hone your adventurous side. If you head to the southwest of the island you will discover quieter resorts such as Keri and Limni Keriou. These are prime spots for exploring the relatively untouched wilderness and interacting with the traditional-style small towns and people. Heading over to the west coast you will find grand limestone cliffs towering over the crystal blue waters. This is nature at its finest for sure.


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