August Holiday Trends

With the summer season coming to an end, many of us are starting to plan our autumn and winter holidays. With the prices cheaper and the weather cooler, many Brits enjoy a later getaway. Based on our searches from the past week, here are the top 3 short haul and long haul destinations for an Autumn and Winter getaway.

Short haul Top 3

Spain – Costa Del Sol

Interestingly, nearly 30% of us are happy to look at any destinations for  short haul, possibly due to price being less of a concern. Still, it’s no surprise Spain is our most searched holiday destination. Spain has long been a favourite for British holiday goers thanks to its warm temperature, familiarity and cheap prices. In particular it’s Costa Del Sol that comes out on top, which is loved for its all year round sunshine and warm climate. With 300 days of sunshine, no wonder it’s name translates to ‘Coast of the Sun’.

Canary Islands – Lanzarote/Tenerife

If you want to experience the Spanish temperature but avoid the busier Spanish mainland, the Canary Islands are the perfect holiday destination. With so many to choose from, Lanzarote and Tenerife are the most popular. While at a glance these Islands may appear similar, they are in reality very different. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and the most developed, filled with a number of resorts. Lanzarote on the other hand is more untouched than most of the Canary Islands, allowing its beaches to retain their natural beauty.


Greece has a number of small islands both offering conventional beach holidays as well as being steeped in history. The largest of the islands, Crete, is popular due to it offering a bit of everything. The numerous resorts can accommodate anyone from families with small children to those wanting to party all night. If you are looking to relax or be out and about, Crete has the facilities to offer the perfect holiday. As for history lovers, the perfect island is Rhodes, which once hosted ‘The colossus’ one of the largest statues of the Ancient world and one of the 7 ancient wonders.

Unfortunately our trips to Greece end late October, so be sure to book soon if you don’t want to miss out!

Long haul top 3

People seem to be allot more selective when it comes to long haul, with only 11% leaving the destination open. Here are our three destinations that came out on top.


The Caribbean is the first place many people think of when it comes to an exotic beach holiday. despite the regions large tourist industry, most of the beaches are kept unspoiled to preserve the beauty of the islands. The temperature of the Caribbean is warm all year round, and is a popular destination to avoid cold weather worldwide. There is no shortage of choices when it comes to the Caribbean islands either, from the culture heavy Jamaica to the nearly untouched Aruba, the Caribbean islands are able to accommodate a plethora of holiday types.

Egypt – Hurghada

Egypt can get very hot in the summer months, making a winter visit often preferable with sunny weather and clear skies, while avoiding the uncomfortable peak temperatures. Egypt is a great long haul destination due to its huge itinerary. Swimming in the red sea is a completely unique experience, with the coral reefs teaming with life. Another activity you can’t miss in Egypt is an excursion to the pyramids, some of the oldest structures left in the world! Egypt is also one of the cheaper long haul destinations, and All Inclusive is a great way to save money. Lots of our customers have the right idea, with just under 50% searching for All Inclusive.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a very popular destination in the winter, with it’s idealistic temperature of around 25°c and easy access from the UK. The collection of West African Islands are characterised by a number of luxury resorts that are dotted along the coastlines. Cape Verde is a great destination for adventure seekers, with the island Sal being popular among surfers and water skiers due to the reliable wind. The terrain of Cape Verde is varied and full of walking and cycling routes, which are all available following the rainy seasons end in October.

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