In case you haven’t heard, the World Cup has officially kicked off (wa-hey!), and Father’s Day is THIS Sunday!

As usual, here’s our weekly round-up of the latest travel news (and of course, deals!) from around the world.

Plane Panda-monium

A plane full of 1,600 pandas landed at Hong Kong Airport earlier this week. But instead of fur, these passengers were made of papier mache in efforts to raise awareness about the steadily declining panda population. Created by Paulo Grangeon, the French artists also teamed up with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to promote the campaign. We’re guessing they were looking rather panda-eyed post flight!

pandas via flickr by st3f4n

TOWIE, we have a problem!

A Marbella-bound EasyJet flight was grounded at Luton airport earlier this week for being too heavy to take-off. The flight, which also happened to be carrying some of the cast of popular reality show The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), was packing 200kg in excess baggage. If we had to guess, we’d say that’s a dangerous amount of fake tan and hairspray!


Ironically Iconic

They say love conquers all, but this week, Paris’s Pont des Arts Bridge (also known as Love Locks Bridge) has been well and truly destroyed from matters of the heart. A section of the structure collapsed from the weight of the estimated 700,000 so-called ‘love locks’ that sees romantics from all over the world frequenting to bolt a token of their bond in the City of Love by attaching a padlock to the bridge barrier. Talk about a heavy heart!

love lock bridge via flickr by marfis

Souven-Near Shopping

Next time your mate hands you a souvenir from their holiday, you might want to question its actual origin. According to a recent survey, there’s a 55 per cent chance it was picked up at the airport. But no one can say that we’re not generous as Brits admit to spending a whopping 20 per cent of their spending money on gifts for their friends and family back home. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?!

souvenir via flickr by puroticorico

Friday the Thrifty

Finally, today might be Friday the 13th, but due to widespread superstitions, statistically speaking, it’s also the cheapest day of the year to fly. How much savings are we talking? Apparently £52 less than any other day this month!

beach via flickr by roybuloy

Holiday Deals

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Images: st3f4n, mr.stokie, marfis, puroticorico & roybuloy via Flickr.