What’s your favourite advert on TV?  We’ve had a few laughs in the office this week looking at these holiday adverts.

1. Most people can probably recite the airline safety speech off by heart, so we think Air New Zealand have smashed this airline safety video out of the park with the help of Richard Simmons and their take on a familiar part of air travel:


2. Has anyone seen this video on youtube? It’s one of my favorites, and didn’t even hit the TV! We think it’s great because it’s short and sweet and gets the point across. This was launched in 2009, yet can still offer a giggle or two today.


3. First put out in 2010, this advert features Jamie Redknapp and his wife, Louis Redknapp. It’s just a bit soppy for me, but they make a cute couple I suppose…


4. Next, we had to choose one with a bit of an old school touch to it. This was released in 1994. It was used to show how a holiday can relieve stress with a humourous touch to a younger audience.


5. Finally, here’s a brand new viral advert to promote FLEXIBLE holidays.

Tell us what you think, and give suggestions of your favourites or your most disliked one, too!