Here at Holiday Discount Centre, we know that stocking up on travel essentials before going away can be quite expensive.

And how often have you spent out a load of money on flip flops, sunglasses, suitcases, sundresses and beach towels – only to get one week’s use out of them before putting them back in the wardrobe until the following year?

Well, we think there’s a way to get more out of these holiday essentials. Five ways, in fact. So each month, the HDC team will be picking one item from our travel bag and showing you five alternative uses for it.

First up, it’s the turn of the humble sarong.

Once just a fashionable beachwear accessory for the ladies (or men, if you’re David Beckham), with our help you’ll see how it can also be a handy item to have around the home, hotel room, or office.

Take it away, team.

1. Hot Food Handler

Getting food out of the microwave will never again mean burning your fingers on the bowl. Phew.

Getting hot items from microwave2. Colleague blocker

Having difficulty concentrating? Want a bit of alone time? Whether you’re in the office, doing the daily commute or flying on a plane,  simply put up your sarong and enjoy the solitude this fashionable fabric brings.

Colleague cover

3. Eye mask for hangovers

Occasionally, we all overdo it on a night out. But luckily, a folded up sarong also makes the perfect light shield, enabling you to sleep off that pounding headache in comfort (earplugs optional but recommended).

Hangover eye cover

 4. Handy nap blanket

If you’re half way through a tough day and craving a cheeky little lunchtime nap, a sarong makes the perfect makeshift duvet. Simply snuggle down and catch those Z’s.

cheeky nap

5. Emergency Table Cloth

We’ve all been there: an important guest turns up unannounced and you’re stuck without a table cloth to show off your travel awards. What to do? Yep, you guessed it. Just roll out your sarong and prepare to impress.

emergency table cloth

Have we missed any out? If there’s a travel essential you want us to find more uses for, let us know in the comments below.

Main image by dave-goodman via flickr