We spend a lot of our time helping to send people off to beaches around the world. So it’s only natural that occasionally, talk turns to our own desert island escapes.

So for this month’s team interview we’re answering the age old question:

If you were trapped on a desert island, what would you pack and why?

Without further ado, here’s what we couldn’t live without.


ant dec desert island

  • Ant & Dec – So they could ‘Get Me Out Of Here’



Vicky desert island

  • Vaseline – I cannot go anywhere without this essential item
  • Wigwam – My camping days are long gone – glamping all the way for this girl
  • Laptop – So I can snoop on Facebook



mark desert island

  • Everlasting Gobstopper – I need my daily sugar fix
  • Speedboat with a full tank – To escape
  • Sat Nav – For directions in my great escape



Helen desert island

  • Mascara – I won’t be seen without my mascara on – it would be a fashion disaster
  • Wine Making Kit – For my daily dose of alcohol
  • My Kindle – To pass away the hours until I am saved by Captain Jack Sparrow



simon desert island

  • 20 Pall Mall
  • Bottle of Diet Coke
  • Bottle of basic vodka – because that’s the way I roll.

A varied and not altogether healthy selection of items there, thanks team!

What would you put in your desert island suitcase?

Image credits: scott-teresijamiemcTimo Newton-Syms via Flickr, Med Chaos, Calliopejen1, IndeedousNotFromUtrechtEmily-blink182Dori via Wiki commons