Teenagers are misbehaving on flights, one lucky couple dives deep into lotto winnings, and there’s a holiday up for grabs.

Here’s our round up of this week’s travel news.

Missed the Plane to Georgia

After the defacing of ancient relics and a woman being kicked off a flight for singing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’, it’s fair to say that travel etiquette has never been a hotter topic.

This week’s reminder to mind your Ps and Qs comes from an incident that occurred on Monday at New York’s LaGuardia Airport, when about 100 teenage pupils were chucked off an Atlanta-bound plane for allegedly being too rowdy. The large group were escorted off the SouthWest Airlines aircraft along with their chaperones after refusing to turn off their phones with some even ignoring instructions to sit down. Apparently, the evacuation almost emptied the flight!

Plane Race

Image credit: Adam Levine

The Great British Fly-Up

On Sunday, 12 people were injured on a flight from Singapore to London after severe turbulence set the in-flight meals flying. Passengers watched their hot breakfasts go everywhere with coffee even ending up on the ceiling. We wonder whether the food looked more appetising before or after it landed on the floor? Decide for yourself:

Royalty Loyalty

Tuesday 4th June marked 60 years since Her Majesty was crowned Queen back in 1953. The London service took place at Westminster Abbey and honoured her efforts – commending her for a job well done.

queen's coronation

Image credit: lac-bac

Boatload of Cash

A couple from Ipswich made waves in the news this week after discovering they’d won the lottery while on a ten week sailing trip around Britain. The couple turned around after discovering that they’d won the whopping £6,123,395 jackpot in last week’s lotto. Their plans for the winnings? Upgrade their yacht, of course!


Image credit: Eoghan OLionnain

Moving on Up

A recent survey has unveiled the secret to getting upgraded. The recipe to first-class success? Being a smartly dressed 30-something male – as almost 60% of airline attendants surveyed admitted to upgrading men most of the time compared to the 42% who said they gave it to women. Who’s the least likely demographic to be picked? Teenage girls in revealing outfits or giggling groups of young girls.

First class on Cathay Pacific

Image credit: Richard Moross

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Main image: Alan Light via Flickr