Aside from getting that golden glow, there are plenty of other benefits of going on holiday – and what better excuse than because it’s actually good for you?

That’s right, it’s no coincidence that taking a trip away makes you feel better – it actually helps improve your overall health too, both mentally and physically. How? Read on – we’ve got the skinny on why your body needs a break.

1. Stress Less 

While going on holiday means dodging the daily deadlines at work, it’s not just being away from the office that helps alleviate your anxieties. Results from a recent UK-based study showed that not only did some time abroad lower participants’ blood pressure by more than 5%, but a stint in the sun also improved their sleep by almost 20% too. Both these factors are major components which contribute to lowering stress levels. Who knew?

2. Mood Improver

The same study also found a significant drop in blood glucose levels. You can thank a dip in these for a variety of health benefits including reducing the risk of diabetes, boosting your mood and enhancing your energy levels.

3. Trimmer Figure

Getting some sun doesn’t just give you some colour, but getting a higher dose of Vitamin D also aids in weight loss as well. The UVB rays stimulate your body’s production of the hormone leptin, which helps curb your appetite and regulate your energy levels. This not only encourages you to eat less, but you’re more likely to swap that steak sandwich for a salad. Vitamin D has also been found to fight fat by lowering insulin in your bloodstream and boosting both serotonin levels and your immune system, which all help you shed the pounds.

4. Clearer Complexion

If a slimmer waistline isn’t enough of an excuse to bask in the sunshine, then perhaps better skin will tempt you. According to dermatologists, your body’s biggest organ (yes organ!) reaps a range of benefits from a spot of Vitamin D. A key ingredient in the secret to healthy skin, these perks include reducing acne and wrinkles by producing more elasticity and collagen. Just make sure you lather on the SPF before soaking up the rays.

5. Get Smarter

The health benefits of Vitamin D aren’t just physical – it’s also a key component in boosting brain power. Have you ever wondered why you don’t crave caffeine as much while on your hols? A University of Manchester study found that higher Vitamin D levels improved memory function and upped the speed of carrying out tasks – making you more on the ball.

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