If you’re looking for budget friendly places to visit, both bloggers and online communities can be excellent resources to go to for advice.

Google+ is home to an active and growing community of travel experts sharing advice, blog posts and lovely, screen-filling images.

So whether you’re after holiday tips, a hang-out with likeminded people, discussions or photos to +1, here’s a run-down of some of the best communities and accounts to follow on Google+ so you can get involved.

1-nomadic matt via wha'ppen


Nomadic Matt


Matthew Kepnes is all about budget friendly travel and has even written a book on the topic. The author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day (that’s about £30 to you and me) offers cheap travel tips and inspiration via Q&A videos and blog posts; he’s even developed his own travel app too! If that doesn’t make him an expert, we’re not sure what else will – and he has more than 200,000 followers to prove it.

2 - adventurous kate via flickr by clickflashphotos-nicki varkevisser

Adventurous Kate


This London-based American is definitely one to follow. From city guides on the cheap to road trip itineraries and Instagram snaps, keep up with Kate as she travels the globe for a year with her new fiancée.

3 - christy woodrow flickr via archer10

Christy Woodrow


Christy is one half of the travel blog Ordinary Traveler, which she shares with her partner Scott. From France to Bali, you can catch their latest escapades as they snap their way from one place to the next. If that’s not enough of an excuse to check out her page, the pictures of the baby puffins in Scotland will surely tempt you.

 4-wanderlust and lipstick -oscar wildes tomb- flickr via faungg

Wanderlust and Lipstick


For travel news updates or a tour of different countries, Beth Whitman is your guide to thrifty travel. Specialising in women’s travel, her financial advice and tips for travelling solo are especially helpful.

5-that backpacker - flickr via thomas frost jensen

That Backpacker


From resort reviews to first person narrations of both popular and far-flung destinations, when it comes to travelling on a budget Audrey Bergner really knows her stuff. We love her travel videos which cover everything from cheap eats to activities – they make us feel like we’re globetrotting along with her.

6 - travel talk via flickr archer10 (Dennis)


Travel Talk


Travel stories, snaps and suggestions – this group has got it covered. A popular community for nomads everywhere, you’re bound to find something to help conjure up some inspiration – wherever you fancy going.

7 - travel photography - via flickr robert nyman

Travel Photography


One of the largest travel communities on Google+, this group boasts more than 17,000 members. With pictures of famous landmarks and local delicacies, you’ll be craving a getaway in no time.

8 urban travel - via flickr by pank seelen

Urban Travel


If you’re planning a city-hopping trip, this urban focused community has some handy tips to read before you go with contributors from both a local and tourist perspective. Covering the best foods to try and travel guides on the cheap from New York to Santorini, it’s no wonder the group has racked up 2,500+ members.

9 -travel around the world - flickr via jonrawlinson

Travel Around the World


Looking for places to go, things to do or unique perspectives on destinations around the globe? This is the community to join. Photography to storytelling are all up for discussion here; it’s a great way to get a glimpse into local culture.

 10 - love to travel via robert nyman

Love to Travel


From the man behind Travel Dudes, this community is a product of both hard work and a passion for travel. Originally created for travellers to share their best tips with one another, it’s a great outlet to connect and engage with fellow adventurers and holidaymakers.

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